Fr Moore's Well, Milltown

Fr. Moore’s Well is one of the best known holy wells in Co. Kildare and has enjoyed a huge attendance of pilgrims for over the past hundred years. The patron of the holy site, Fr. John Moore, was born in 1779 in Rathbride. John Moore (Kildare diocese) matriculated in 1799 in Maynooth and was ordained 26 May 1804 before being appointed as curate to Allen.

Many traditions are connected with Fr. Moore’s Well and some say the site was a place of holiness even before Fr. Moore's time, having associations with St. Brigid.

It is reputed that the well was known as a Black Well where mass was said during the sixteenth century.

Lord Edward Fitzgerald has written of Fr. Moore and states that the priest was known to have healing powers. Fr. Moore blessed the well, so that after his death, those who believed might still be cured. A parish priest Fr. P. MacSuibhne, published prayers traditionally recited when making visit to the well.

The protocol of a visit is as follows: - Visits are usually made on a Friday or Sunday. - A decade of the rosary is recited. - Prayers are said for Fr. Moore, his parents and then one’s own intentions. - One may bathe with the blessed water of the well to cure afflicted parts of the body. - Finally, three Hail Mary’s are to be recited. (A total of three visits should be made, including communion and confession.). Fr. Moore is buried at the west end of the chapel ruins at Allen.

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