Posted 04/11/2015

Belan House

The ruins of Belan House are situated in the vicinity of Moone, Co. Kildare. Belan House was home to the Stratfords, earls of Aldborough.

The Stratfords came to Ireland in the seventeenth century and purchased Belan where they built a mansion from the ruins of a Fitzgerald castle destroyed in 1641. The mansion, built by architects Castle and Bindon, was one of the largest gabled houses in the country at that time. It had extensive parklands, with a classical temple and obelisks built in the grounds.

John, the third son of Edward Stratford was created Baron of Baltinglass and in 1777 was made Earl of Aldborough. He decided to enlarge Belan House to match his new status. His son, the second earl, built a residence in Dublin - Aldborough House. While the third earl was an eccentric, the fourth earl was a notorious gambler who mortgaged Belan House, and let the property fall into disrepair. He even sold the garden ornaments and the gates were given to Carton Demesne. In 1876, on the death of the sixth earl, the title became extinct. The house now lies in ruins, the only evidence of its grandeur are the temple and obelisks which are still standing.

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