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Class Set Title

Each set comprises of up to 35 copies of each title and can be borrowed for a period of 8 weeks. These sets are available for loan on a teacher’s block loan ticket. Block loans are available free of charge to primary school teachers in any of our libraries.

Early Readers x 20 copies per set
Anna's Secret Granny
Barry's New Bed
Big Dog and Little Dog go Flying
Cake Test
Daft Jack and the Bean Stack
Danny's Pesky Pet
Diggers and Dumpers
Dragon Boy
Dragon Magic
Eco-wolf and the Three Pigs
Emma Says Oops
Fireman Sinead
Ghostyshocks and the Three Scares
Granny makes a Mess
Granny's Teeth
Helpful Hannah
Here I am! Said Smedley
Hoppy Birthday Jo-Jo!
I Win!
Little Fred Riding Hood
Press Play
Shout, Show and Tell
Strawberry Squirt
The Baby Giant
The Big Brother
The Emperor's New Underwear
The Fried Piper of Hamstring
The Little Witch who Can't Spell
The Magic Footprints
The Rather Small Turnip
The Timid Rabbit
Third Class Titles
Alice in the Middle
Fever Crumb
Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman
Horrid Henry and the Secret Club
Horrid Henry robs the Bank
Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy
Horrid Henry wakes the Dead
Hundred Mile an Hour Dog
Ivan the Terrible
Killer Underpants
Knutty Knut
Legend of the Worst Boy in the World
Leprechaun on the Loose
Mo Mhadra Beoga
Secret Seven: on the Trail
The Graveyard Book
The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth
The Lough Neagh Monster
The Poison Factory
The Secret Seven Adventure
The Sheep Pig
The Witch in the Woods
Winnie Says Cheese
Wired Teeth
Fourth Class Titles
Ceard Ata sa Bhosca?
Celtic Magic Tales
Charlie Bone and the Red Knight
Charlotte's Web
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Eating Things on Sticks
Fields of Home
Highway Robbery
In Deep Dark Wood
It wasn't me
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Seven Spiders Spinning
The Secret of Kells
Tiger's Egg
Under the Hawthorne Tree
Wildflower Girl
Worst Witch
Fifth Class Titles
Alice to the Rescue
An Caman Draiochta
Ancient Appetites
Call of the Whales
Call of the Whales
Lockie and Dadge
London Eye Mystery
Safe Harbour
The Boy who fell down Exit 43
The Breadwinner
The Moon King SET 2
The Sable Queen (Redwall)
The Silver Sword
The Thing with Finn
Tom Crean: Ice Man
Up on Cloud Nine
Wilderness SET 1
Sixth Class Titles
Anila's Journey
Benny and Babe
Benny and Omar
Black Book of Secrets
Brian Boru
Colm and the Lazarus Key
Creature of the Night
Dream Invader
Just Henry
Katie's War
Last of the High Kings
Missing Sister
No Peace for Amelia 
The Alchemyst
The Eyeball Collector
The Gates
The Guns of Easter 
Titanic 2020
War Game
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit