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Digitised Newspapers.

The Kildare Observer (1880-1935) is fully digitised and available for free through this link: Digitised Kildare Observer & Journals of Kildare Archaeological Society

The Irish Newspaper Archive is available to view in the Local Studies Department in Newbridge by appointment. It is also available in the main branch libraries in County Kildare (Athy, Celbridge, Kildare, Leixlip, Maynooth, Naas and Newbridge). This digital archive includes a huge range of national and regional newspapers, including The Kildare Nationalist (formerly Nationalist&Leinster Times), The Leinster Express, The Irish Independent, The Freeman's Journal and The Irish PressThe Leinster Leader has also been partially digitised up to 1929.

The Radical Newspaper Archive is also available to view for free in the Local Studies Department in Newbridge and in Athy, Celbridge, Kildare, Leixlip, Maynooth, Naas and Newbridge libraries (by appointment). This collection includes a wide range of specialist papers across the political spectrum, including nationalist, republican, labour and suffragette publications. This resource is supported by the County Kildare Decade of Commemorations Committee. 


Newspapers available on Microfilm in Kildare County Library

Leinster Leader
1881/82 – 2018 (1881/82 – 1884 holdings are not good, many issues missing)

The Kildare Observer
1880 – 1935. [complete - paper discontinued in 1935]

Nationalist and Leinster Times
1880-1950 [acquisition ongoing]

Freeman’s Journal
1763 – 1860

Finn's Leinster Journal
1767-1828 [ missing - 1777, 1784-85; 1800; 1804; 1809-1817; 1825-26]

Leinster Express
24 Sept 1831 – 1884

Irish Times
1859 - 1923 ;
Jan. 1997 – 2003.

Dublin Penny Journal

Newspapers and magazines available in Hardcopy in Kildare County Library

The Leinster Leader
Various original copies available for years prior to 1983 but condition varies from good to extremely poor and originals, if held, may only be viewed on request. All years now available on microfilm and partially digitised also. 
1983 – present

The Kildare Nationalist
1983 - present

Liffey Champion

1990 onwards. Missing some issues, particularly in the early years.

Kildare Voice

Kildare Advertiser
modern, free, [incomplete]

Kildare Post
modern, free [incomplete]

The Weekly Nation
1898 (bound 1 vol.)
1899 – (bound 1 vol.)

The Nation
Dec. 1843 – Sept. 1844 (bound 1 vol.)

The Dublin Penny Journal

The Dublin Journal

Duffy’s Hibernian Magazine
Vol. II July – December 1862;
Vol. III January – June 1863

The Curragh News (bound photocopy)
Feb. – Sept. 1891

The Ballitore Magazine (bound photocopy)
2 nd series 1821

Leixlip Life (bound 4 vols)
April 1973 – March 1982

Newbridge - New Link Magazine

Maynooth Newsletter
1975 onwards

Lucan Times
Nov. – Dec. 1989;
1990; Jan.,
Mar. – May 1991

The Celtic Times - CLASP PRESS

The Education Times

Various parish bulletins and community magazines including The Ballyna Magazine, Kilcullen Bridge Magazine, The Allen Eye.