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Finding your way around the library

All libraries in Kildare contain an adults' and a childrens’ section, a reference area, a community notice board/information area, a computer section and multimedia stock.

Some branches have separate community and exhibition areas; dedicated collections of stock for adults and children with learning disabilities; CD, video and DVD collections; multicultural collections and study zones.

All book collections are divided between fiction and non-fiction, with multimedia, large print books, audio books and CDs usually shelved in their own separate areas.

How do I find a book – Fiction and Non-Fiction

The class number for a subject or book can be located on the Online catalogue from your own computer or in any library, or by asking a member of staff.


Fiction is shelved alphabetically by the author’s surname. Within each surname the books are shelved alphabetically, letter by letter - for example:

Haran, Harbinson, Hardie, Harding, Hardy

Some libraries may have subdivided fiction by genre, for example Crime, Classics, Science Fiction etc. These sections are usually colour coded.


Non-fiction items are classified by number using the Dewey Decimal Classification System

This system coordinates materials on the same subject and on related subjects to make items easier to find. The Dewey Decimal System has ten main classes, as listed below:

  • 000 generalities
  • 100 philosophy and psychology
  • 200 religion
  • 300 social science
  • 400 language
  • 500 natural science and mathematics
  • 600 technology(applied sciences)
  • 700 arts
  • 800 literature
  • 900 geography

Each of the above classes have further subdivisions moving from general subject areas to very specific subjects. In this way a specific item or general subject areas can be located quickly on the shelves.