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Special Projects

Toys Technology  & Training

The Toys, Technology and Training Collection is designed to compliment quality of life services for children and adults, and offer support for the use of the toys and technology through professional partnerships between  Kildare County Libraries and Health Care Professionals.

The toys and assistive technology listed in the TTT catalogue can be accessed through the library service and can be borrowed  by joining the library.  Parents, Carers, Occupational Therapists, and Resource personnel can assist the child or adult in the borrowing process. This community-based service is offered from our inclusive, public library space.

The Toys, Technology and Training Project has been developed and expanded. A new collection is now available in Naas Library, in addition to the Athy and Leixlip Library Collections. A new catalogue is now available which includes all three collections.

Items have been chosen to assist and aid different skills. Categories in the catalogue cover Assistive Technology, Assistive Software, Fine motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills and  Sensory and Tactile .

To access the catalogue, terms & conditions and contact details click here.

Touch-Type, Read & Spell

TTRS is a multi-sensory computer programme for people who have been diagnosed with dyslexia developed by Philip Alexandre who worked as a special needs teacher in Britain. As part of his MA Philip’s work explored how computers could stimulate children’s learning. His study showed great potential for a multi-sensory programme to help overcome literacy difficulties using touch-typing, which teaches learners to “talk with their fingers”. To feel the keyboard, see the screen and hear the words read out helps students transfer what they are learning from short to long term memory. It can be particularly useful for children with dyslexia.

Kildare Library Service has is currently piloting a Touch-type, Read and Spell (TTRS) course in Celbridge, Leixlip and Naas libraries.

Changing Minds Changing Practices

Changing Minds, Changing Practices is a learning intervention programme focusing on the provision and delivery of services by organisations and institutions in Irish society to people with impairment. The programme moves away from traditional learning approaches which focus on compliance training. The process is actively participative, providing an opportunity for participants to employ creativity, imagination and agency in the creation of new equality agendas and commitments in the workplace. The manual and training programme comes directly from the seminal research work carried out by the Kildare County Council Librarian Breda Gleeson, and is centered on how an organisation might address its thinking, attitudes and practices in order to enhance access to services for people with disability. The ultimate goal of the Changing Minds, Changing Practices programme is the promotion of a better understanding of the diverse needs of individuals in society and the entitlement of equality of access for all.

Shelf Help

Recommended Reading for Personal Wellbeing

Shelf Help is a collection of 60 titles covering the topics low mood and depression, worry, stress and anxiety, general mental health and wellbeing, addiction, parenting, relationships and social issues. This capsule collection was selected in conjunction with experienced professionals working in County Kildare for the Health Service Executive, South West Regional Drugs Task Force and Mental Health Ireland and was launched in 2013.

The collection has been placed in our 7 full-time libraries and in our part-time library in Rathangan. A selection of the titles are available on our digital library website for free download. A successful series of information workshops and information meetings covering the topics in the Shelf Help series was delivered with our partners for Kildare Libraries in Autumn 2013. A similar series of lectures and information meetings are planned for early 2015 and will take place in libraries around the county.

Please see link for available items

Download the Shelf Help brochure here

Shelf Help Narratives

Books and Films that explore the personal nature of mental health issues

Shelf Help Narratives is published as a strand of Kildare County Library's SHELF HELP Programme, an ongoing support service that we provide in conjunction with experienced mental health care professionals from the Health Service Executive, Sounth West Regional Drugs Task Force and Mental Health Ireland. This booklet provides a snapshot of book and film titles that feature themes around mental health issues and is available in hardcopy in our libraries and for download here. All of the titles listed are available through our library service network.

For further details of the programme, please contact: Eimear McGinn (Senior Executive Librarian) at 045-448324 /

Shelf Help Narratives booklet

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Pictureogs is a series of interactive and reflective workshops where participants develop skills of storymaking, telling and recording. The stories emerge from participants’ memories which shape the storysacks. Some stories are for adults while others are ideal for children. This project is about representing Traveller Culture and is a key element of our objective to bring lesser known cultures to broader audiences and readerships.

Pictureógs DVD: Celebrating Inclusion and Cultural Diversity

A Public Library Initiative that celebrates Irish Traveller Culture and history through song, story and participatory arts. The project was captured on DVD and copies are still available upon request. Please email for further information.