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Threading Tales Workshops

Mary Mcaleese Launches Threading Tales

Literacy Support

In January 2005, Minister for Education and Science, Mary Hanafin, as part of a national initiative, allocated a grant to Kildare Library & Arts Services to make available books for seven primary schools in the county. The aim of this initiative was to ensure that children that needed literacy support would directly benefit, and that all of the books purchased would be used in conjunction with parents to promote a culture of reading in the home. The School Library Service worked closely with the ome/School/Community Liaison and Resource teachers from the selected schools to ensure that maximum benefit was obtained from the distribution of the additional books.

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As well as complementing the work being done in the classroom, the books provided through this initiative are of particular benefit in supporting literacy actions. With this in mind, Kildare Library Service, in partnership with Kildare Arts Service and the School Library Service, developed a project of eight workshops, titled Threading Tales. Working with the HSCL(Home School Community Liaison) teacher for the Curragh primary schools, the project was initiated by the SLS (School Library Service) Librarian. With the support of the County Librarian and the Arts Officer funding for the workshops was provided and a professional artist was employed to facilitate the workshops, providing expert skills, advice and inspiration to all participants

Storytelling Sessions

Because two of the schools selected for this grant are situated in the Curragh Camp, the workshops were held in the Curragh Community Library, and were enthusiastically welcomed by the branch librarian. Seven parents of primary school children from these schools took part, using their skills of design, needlework, art and imagination to create seven unique and exciting Storysacks. On completion of the workshops, Storytelling sessions were organised for the months of July and August in the Curragh Library, with Susie Minto, the County’s Storyteller in Residence. Each Storysack featured over a seven-week period with both adults and children attending. The Threading Tales will be held in the Curragh Library, and will be available to schools, resource teachers, adult literacy groups and parents to borrow.

Threading Tales: How To Make A Story Bag 

Threading Tales Lectures Evaluation Document Author: Caroline Farrell

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