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County Kildare Community Network

Accessibility Features of County Kildare Community Network

The Community Network contains content from many different organisations, most of whom maintain their own content. We have no control over the organisation and structure of those sections, but we have endeavoured to design our own content according to accepted standards of accessibility, using the following features.

Access Keys

Access keys provide keyboard shortcuts as an alternative means of navigation. In the absence of a universal standard for access keys, we have used those recommended for the websites of UK public bodies:

T - Toggles between "text only" and "graphic" version of the page

0 - Accessibility information (this page)

1 - Home page

2 - Latest news

How to use Access Keys

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4: press 'alt' and the relevant shortcut key (eg 1 for the home page) at the same time.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or 6: press 'alt' and the shortcut key and then press the enter key.
  • Netscape 6: click anywhere on the page, then press 'alt' and the shortcut key at the same time.
  • Mac users: press 'ctrl' and the shortcut key

Text Only Version

There is a button at the top of the main menu on every page to switch to a "text only" version of the current page. The resulting page may still show some graphics, but will remove the visual formatting of the page and present the content in a linear fashion which some people (and automated screen readers) will find easier to read.

Changing text Size

This website does not use fixed text sizes, and is designed so that the page layout does not "break" when text size is changed. To change the text size in MS Internet Explorer, Click "View" on the top menu, scroll down to "Text Size" and choose your preferred size. All browsers should provide a similar option.

Text will be made easier to read by switching to the "text only" version of the page also (access key "t").


The site has been designed according to web standards recommended by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Structured markup has been used to facilitate users who wish to switch off stylesheets, or implement their own, to increase accessibility.