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Money, Advice, & Budgeting Service

Money, Advice, & Budgeting Service

MABS have a proven track record in helping people get back on their feet. All kinds of people, with all kinds of debt go to MABS. Their expertise is with personal and consumer debt; while they can give some limited help with debt arising from a sole trader or partnership business and also make referrals to CAVA, they cannot advise on company debts or on the accounts of a business.

Generally, your MABS Money Adviser will look first at your income and help you see if there is any way that this can be increased. Next, they look at your spending - are you spending too much in some areas or too little in others, can you get better value out of the money you have available to you.

Once they have looked at these aspects, they then look at your debts – where is money owed, are there any arrears, how can they make the situation better? MABS know that most people want to pay what they owe, but sometimes, changes in circumstances just make that impossible.

Your MABS Money Adviser will help you in working out what you can afford, and then will support you in discussing this with your creditors.

Kildare MABS
There are two MABS services in Co. Kildare.

Unit 3 Millennium House, Harbour View, Kilcock
Tel: 0761 07 2590

Henry Street, Newbridge
Tel: 0761 07 2600

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