Commercial Rates

Commercial Rates

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Commercial Incentive Grant Scheme 2021

2021 Commercial Rates Waiver Scheme 

Making of the rate for 2021


 Commercial Incentive Grant Scheme 2021

Kildare County Council has opened applications for their Commercial Incentive Grant Scheme for 2021.

The scheme will encourage the use of vacant commercial premises by providing a grant to eligible entrepreneurs who occupy certain vacant properties  in 2021 in towns or village centres throughout the County.  An attractive, vibrant commercial area contributes positively to a location’s retail and economic growth, boosting footfall and street activity.

This new scheme will complement the highly successful Shop Front Grants Scheme already available through Kildare County Council.  Eligible businesses will receive the grant over three years.

To view the eligibility criteria for the scheme see Commercial Incentive Eligibility Criteria

To view the full scheme see Incentive Scheme

To make an application, please click HERE



Targeted Commercial Rates Waiver Final Quarter 2021

A targeted commercial rates waiver to support certain sectors of business has been agreed by Government for the final quarter of 2021. This three month waiver (October to December 2021) has modified criteria to previous waiver schemes and accordingly is a separate, standalone scheme.

The broad categories of businesses the waiver applies to are as follows:

  • Hospitality, including restaurants and cafes
  • Leisure
  • Miscellaneous entertainment
  • Certain tourism related categories
  • Airports

The waiver does not apply to vacant properties.

An application is not required. Kildare County Council will apply a credit in lieu of rates from October to December 2021, to classes and categories of occupied rateable property where the occupying business falls within the included categories, as detailed in Appendix B below:

Appendix B 

There is no provision in the Q4 targeted rates waiver scheme for appeals or to demonstrate financial impact of Covid or related restrictions.





Notice that the rate has been made 

Notice of rate made