Casual Trading

Casual Trading

Public Consultation Open – Draft Kildare-Newbridge Casual Trading Bye Laws – more information available here

“Casual Trading” means selling goods on the public road or at a place where the public
has access as of right and any other place that is a designated casual trading area.

Casual trading in the Kildare County Council area is regulated by Casual Trading Bye-laws
made under the Casual Trading Act 1995 and regulations made thereunder.
A casual trading licence is a requirement under the Casual Trading Act to sell goods on the public road.

A person who contravenes any of the Bye-laws shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to such penalties as specified in Section 14 of the Casual Trading Act 1995 (as amended).

Casual trading is divided into Designated area trading and Event trading.

Casual Trading Licences may be issued for special events, where an individual wishes to sell goods in the vicinity of an event for the day or days the event is taking place. The number of pitches may be limited, due to Gardaí requirements, safety/traffic requirements and/or space restrictions.

The acceptance of any licence application does not guarantee the granting of a licence. Traders in foodstuffs must be registered with the Health Services Executive and must comply with the requirements of the local HSE Environmental Health Office. All traders must carry their own Public, Product and Employers Liability Insurance.
Where licences are granted, the Council is obliged to provide each trader’s name, address and PPS No to the Minister for Social Welfare and the Revenue Commissioners.

An Garda Síochána are authorised for the purposes of the Casual Trading Act to enter, inspect and examine any place where they have reasonable cause to believe that casual trading is ongoing.  They may make inquiry as to where the provisions of the Act are being complied with and where they have reasonable cause to believe someone to be engaging in casual trading in contravention of the Act, to give information as to the ownership of any goods being sold and to produce any documents, books or records relating to such trading.

Casual Trading Bye-laws are currently in place for Maynooth, Celbridge and Naas (for events). The making of Bye-laws for an area or town within the County is a function of the Councillors for the relevant Municipal District in which the town/area is located.

The Bye laws and licence application forms for the relevant towns above are available below.

Casual Trading Selection Policy

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Casual Trading Bye Laws Consultation Privacy Statement

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Maynooth Casual Trading Bye Laws

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Celbridge Casual Trading Bye Laws

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Naas Casual trading Bye Laws

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Newbridge Bye-Laws - George's Street

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Application form for special event trading licence 2021 - Naas

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Application form for Casual Trading Licence 2021 Celbridge

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Application form for Casual Trading Licence 2021 Maynooth

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Application form for Special Event Trading Licence Maynooth 2021

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