Supply and Services Unit  



Supply and Services Unit (SSU)

The Supply and Services Unit (SSU) supports the Headquarters and Colleges within the DFTC with administrative, transport, medical, logistic, catering, maintenance and educational resource services, and supports the Logistics Base with transport services.  The SSU is also responsible for the administration of Coolmoney Camp. 
The SSU is divided into detachments and sections which carry out the functions similar to those of a logistics battalion in a Brigade formation.

Detachments/Sections - Supply and Services Unit

Personnel Management Section (PMS)
The PMS section is dispersed between the unit and colleges of the DFTC. Routine administration includes all the personnel records such as leave, medical administration,  pay and discipline.



Logistics Group (Logs Gp)
The Logistics Group (Logs Gp) consists of a Headquarters (HQ) and a number of subsections dealing with logistics accountancy in the SSU and the detachment of Unit accountancy personnel to each of the the DFTC Colleges. The services provided are:   
Catering Services and Staff
This section provides dining services for the various messes within the DFTC
Engineer and Barrack Services and Staff.
The role of this section is to maintain all barracks, posts, ranges and other Department of Defence properties in DFTC and this includes the Curragh Camp, Coolmoney Camp and the ranges at the Curragh. The section also covers the provision of barrack services such as office supplies.
Clothing Service and Staff.
The provision of all military clothing for personnel.

Ordnance Detachment
The Ordnance Detachment supplies armourers, technical inspection and repair facilities for weapons in the DFTC. This detachment also provides artificer support to ensure ongoing operational serviceability to all artillery and armour.
EOD is also a service provided by the Ordnance detachment.


Medical Detachment
The role of the Medical Detachment is to provide a primary care service to  DF personnel and dependants.   The detachment also provides medical support for exercises, shoots and summer training camps.  A 24 hour service is supplied which includes morning and afternoon clinics, annual medical examination and referral for specialist treatment and vaccinations for overseas service. 

Media and Language
The Media and Language Centre provides audio visual services, video operators courses, language courses, instruction in communications and media techniques.


Library & Education Research
The Library and Education Research Centre provides research facilities for all ranks undergoing training courses either by direct attendance, correspondence or by distance learning.


Transport Company
The Transport Company (Tpt Coy) is tasked with providing all transport services to the HQ, Colleges and Logistics Group in the DFTC.

Communications and Information Service
The CIS detachment maintains the Defence Forces telecommunications networks and the communications centre for the DFTC.  It also provides technical assistance on communications matters to units of the DFTC. This detachment also provides and maintains all IT hardware and networking facilities in the DFTC.


Simulation Section
The Simulation Section is responsible for the provision of a Digital Indoor Range Theatre (DIRT). The DIRT is a multiple arms trainer system.  


Supply and Service 

Frontline Military Units depend greatly on the Supply and Services Units as their main support artery when they are in barracks or in the field 

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