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Donaghmore/Grangewilliam Cemetery Headstones Details,

(1713 – 2012)

1. Eroded inset cross top of gravestone. ERECTED By Patrick Brady of Maynooth to the memory of his beloved Father John  Brady who died 27 Decembr (The letters br is placed above the letter m)  1823 Aged 54 Years also his belov,d Brother  John who died 9th  Octbr  1844 Aged 34 Years And Likewise his Beloved Mother Anne Brady (ady is displayed above Br) who DeParted  this life March 17th  1847 Aged alas in this Grave  now  73 Years  (73 Years is located end of row below 1847 Aged )  Resteth ?  the Remains of the said Patrick Brady who DeParted this life 2? Of June 1849 DeePly and Sincerely Regretted by Friends and Relatives Aged 26 Years Requicscant in Pace Amen. (No kerb surrounding)

2. A broken pointed slate gravestone lost in among trees and ivy, positioned beside no 2 below . No details  remaining on gravestone .

3.  A small stone lost in among trees and ivy, positioned alongside No 1 above. No details remaining.

4. Sacred Heart Of Jesus Have Mercy On The Soul Of Rose Smyth Leixlip Died 7th December 1956 Also Margaret Sherry Died 10th August 1932. Matthew Sherry Died October 1914. Richard Sherry Died 5th October 1974 R.I.P.

5. 5365 Lance CPL. M. Sherry Irish Guards 17th June 1918 Aged 26    R.I.P.  

6. In Loving Memory Of Mary Ann Sherry Died 12th Dec. 1923 Aged 61 Yrs Her Husband Patrick Died 25th Jan 1955 Aged 88 Yrs. Their Son John Died Nov 1918 And Daughter Rose Gough Died October 1942 Mary O’Connor nee Sherry  Died 25th Nov 1943 Aged 75 Yrs. Michael O’Connor Died 13th Oct. 1902  Aged 93 Yrs. R.I.P.(Rose Gough displayed No 21 in the Official Registry, Address shown as Confey, Leixlip.) (Note! Grave’s No. 4, 5 and 6 are all in one plot, measuring 99 inches by 14ft 6 inches approx.)
7. Blank slate gravestone no details .

8. IHS This Stone was Erected By Thomas Rooney of Leixlip in Memory of his Mother Elizabeth Rooney Ales Glinnan (Note! n at end of Glinnan is placed above the letter a) Who this Life y (Note! e above the y) 7th 1789 Ag.d (Note! d above g) 50 (Note! rs above y) & two of his Brothers & Also two of his Children.

9. IHS Erected by Own Neil in memory of his Father Manus Neil  who Dep,rd(Note!. rd placed above p) this Life Nov,r (Note ! r place above v) the 7th 1784 Ag,d (Note! d placed above g)75 Y,rs (Note ! rs is placed above Y) Also(Note! the letter s looks like the letter f)  Judith Neile Wife  of the Above (Note! Above is at the end of the line and the letter e is reduced in size and placed along the v) Own Neile who Departed this Life Janry, the 11th  1796  Aged 47  years Also Catherine Neile  Daughter of the Above  the Own Neile  who Dep,rd this Life Apr,l the 2nd  1792 Ag,d (Note! d is placed above g) 18 years  (Note Neile is spelled as Neil in the first two rows).

10. My Jesus Mercy (Plinth under cross) FLANAGAN. (Small cross standing alone with the face of Jesus with crown of thorn in centre of cross).

11. Small curved grave stone, lettering faded away over the years.8:19:6

12. Gravestone broken in half, only the lower section left standing, no information on stone.

13. In Loving Memory (Upright section of cross)  Of Laurence Keane Maynooth Died 23rd April 1948 (Second plinth down the following displayed) His Son Laurence Died 30th April 1959 And His Wife Catherine Died 22nd September 1965 (Third plinth down the following displayed)  Also His Daughters Bernadette Died 14th October 1966 Rosaleen  Died 20th April 2009  Rest In Peace. (Grave  9ft ,9inches by 9ft,9 inches , Cross 66,1/2 inches high) (KEANE displayed on the back of gravestone).

14. IHS Erected By Dennes Tilberry in memory of his Wife Rosana Tilberry  who Departed this life Jan,ry 29th 1788 Aged 40 years. (Note Feb 2012, this gravestone is almost flat  on it back in the ground ,only a few feet from Keanes grave. Was covered over with ivy ) .

15. In this grave resteth (As displayed on gravestone) the remains of Bridget Ormsby who died June the 12th (th placed above the number12) 1849 aged 72 years may she rest in peace amen.

16. This Stone was erected By Sam Kenny in memory of His Father Patrick Kenny who Departed this life Yc: 9:1792??(Note! The rest of information buried under the ground). ( Grave stone under some trees no kerbs)(Note the letter S in stone and Sam is the old style that looks like the letter f without the cross piece)?

17. This Stone Erected by Ann Kenny to the Memory of her Beloved Husband James Kenny who Departed Dec. the 24 1801 Aged 48 Years. (Grave stone under some trees no kerbs)

18. Small blank stone lying flat on the ground, no marking to be seen.

19.  Erected By Julia Dunne Dowdstown in affectionate Remembrance  Of Her Beloved Husband Edward Dunne Who Died 22nd June 1895 Aged 42 Years Also Julia His Wife Who Died 30th June 1929 Aged 79 Years.  John Dunne Who Died 4th May 1945 Joseph L Dunne  Died 14th Sept. 1963 Also Harriett His Wife Died 18th  Feb 1975  Aged 77 Years R.I.P.  (Bottom left corner of gravestone L F Harrison and right hand side Dublin).8:19:6

20. Erect by Mrs? hrine (Christine) Glennon ?? of Leixlip in memory ? her beloved husband (John) ???? Glennon ??31st August 1872 ?? d 63 years ?? his Sister Mary wh?? 15thAugust 1872 ?? years (Note Feb 2013. Pointed top gravestone is in poor condition, the front left side of gravestone is chipping/flaking away and a lot of the lettering has disappeared over the years.)

21. This tomb was Erected by M? & Richard McClean to the memory of their diseas,d Parents Jam?? McClean who departed this Life 18th May 1823 Aged 85 Years, and Mary ??McClean who Departed 3th Oct 1818 Aged 67? Years ??? (Gravestone on the flat, but broken into 4 sections with some small pieces missing, top left corner gone. (Small piece, bottom left  with the following displayed ) Beloved Brother 19th Nov, `820? Who died, other pieces make up the following 82 Years … And Jam… 1806 Aged 27 Years … Also Thomas &Charles Their Sisters Mary Anne & Emely (Note March 2012 gravestone on the flat on the ground with the lettering upright).

22. Broken gravestone covered in ivy, no lettering left.  At the head of grave no 21 McClean

23. Small upright stone, left side looks like it broken away and gone. No details shown on surface.

24. IHS This Stone Erected by Nicholas Dardis to the Memory of Gilbert O Shaughnecy who Depart.d this Life Febry the 6th 1802 Aged 80 years. (Gravestone lost under tree and covered in ivy)

25. IHS Erected by Pat Fannan in Memory of his Brother Barny Fannan who Died Aug. 3rd  (Note rd is above 3) 1730 Aged 51 y, rs O Lord have mercy on his Soul & Posterity.( No kerbs and gravestone leaning  forward)

26.  Not sure if it a gravestone or a marker stone, covered in moss no lettering displayed front or back of stone.

27. This looks like a stone used to mark a grave plot. Stone flaking away.

28. In Loving Memory Of Margaret Connor, Died 9th July 1915, Aged 15 Years , John Connor  ,, ,, 15th May 1921 ,, , , 23 ,, ,,  Michael Connor  ,, ,, 16th July 1921 ,, ,, 16 ,, ,,   Kathleen Connor ,, ,, 8th June 1922 ,, ,, 19 ,, ,, R.I.P. (Note! April 2012. Metal plate found imbedded in the ground at the bottom of a upright steel bar, Looks like it was  at some time attached to the steel cross).

29. RIP (Small white painted concrete cross. RIP painted in black on front.)

30.  Here lies the Body of Mr. George Masterson who Departed this Life on 29th of October 1797 agd. 46 Years with Two of his Children. (Gravestone leaning to the front and 8 Inches thick).

31. IHS Errected (Note! Errected engraved on gravestone) by Daniel (Note! just below Daniel and in between the second row the following is engraved & Margret, looks like a after taught). Walters (Note The letter s at the end of the name Walters is half the size of the rest of the letters) In memory of his Children John  Walters Dep,rd this Life the 19th Dec,r 1791 Ag,d10 yr,s Also two of his Children. (Gravestone leaning forward)

32. In Loving Memory Of Our Dear Parents Annie Dunne Died 23rd Feb 1932 Aged 38 William Dunne Died 23rd July 1939 Aged 48 Their Son Michael Died 8th July 1950 Aged 27 R.I.P. (Small white marble slab left upright alongside tree trunk close to the wall ,Carton side of graveyard),

33. In Memoriam Esther Caulfield 1947 Joseph Caulfield 1958 Their Family Joseph (Joey) Caulfield 1949 Main Street Maynooth Eileen McDonagh (Nee Caulfield) 1979 Dublin. Frederick Leo Caulfield 1981 New York City Erected By James McDonagh 199. Bracken Glasnevin (displayed on right hand side of gravestone).(Small  low gravestone)

34. A cross gravestone with no details displayed

35. IHS Erected by John Weldon in memory of his Children (N is placed above e) John Dep, td August the 12th (th is above 2of 12) 1790: Mary Feb, ry y (e above y) 1 (st above 1). Aged, 6 yr, s Also Judith Weldon.

36.  Two small upright stone’s, no lettering or markings displayed. Stones in front of grave no.  31 Walters

37. A small blank white stone, no markings. In front of grave No. 28 R.I.P. cross,

38. Small pointed blank gravestone. No marking to be found.

39. Small blank Stone, no markings, positioned further right of No. 42 Craughwell and back a step.

40. In Loving Memory Of our dear son Dick Flood died 11th March 1936 aged 28 years “Till we meet again”. R.I.P. (No 6 Cemetery Registry address given Carton, Maynooth.) (Lead Inscription  and the gravestone is up against Church wall).

41. (Note Top left corner of gravestone missing with some of the lettering also gone, condition of the remainder of gravestone is very poor flaking away)???? stone was Erected?? Memory of Thomas??  ate of Collinstown ho?? D?? this Life Novmr? the 4th 1786 7? Yrs.  ?? in the Memory OF????? Cooney she???? 20th 1792?? Ag???? . (Note! there are three holes in the top section of the gravestone as if a brace was once used  to keep the gravestone together )( Under 1786 flower stem with leaves run from left to right side of gravestone)

42. IHS This Stone Erected by Laurnce Craughwell ? who lived in Castletown to the Memory of his Belov ? Son Michal Craughwel ? Departd this Life Feb the 5 ?? 1804 Aged 21??? (Note! April 2012 Gravestone is broken up into 3 sections and largest piece is on its side).

43. Small blank Stone no markings, right of grave stone no 42 Craughwell.

44. In Loving Memory Of Bridget Mary Hall (nee O’Neill) Died May 30th 1957 her mother Bridget O’Neill died February 11th 1922 her brother Michael O’Neill died November 18th 1918 R.I.P. (Granit gravestone with kerbs. Single plot).

45. A small blank stone covered in white lichen. Not sure if the stone is a grave marking or not.

46. In Loving Memory Of Our Darling Child (The following is displayed on the second plinth down) Hilda Moira Clare O’Brien Who Died On Sept. 6th 1916 Aged 20 Daughter Of Sir. Timothy O’Brien Bart. D.L. And Lady O’Brien Of Lohort?  Castle Co Cork And Grangewilliam Maynooth Requiescant In Peace (All above details are lead inscription, Lead missing in the letter m in Memory). (Grave 24 inches by 8 foot).

47. Here lies old Joe an honest Man ?ay more of  Mortal if you can   (Lower section of grave stone the following displayed) Joseph Foster  died  1781 ( This gravestone is lying flat on it back and is now in 3 pieces , a few small pieces in the centre section are missing Lettering fading away 2013).

48. In Loving Memory Of Joseph Kilduff Ballygoran died 7th Feb. 1945 aged 91 years his son, Michael Kilduff died24th. Jan 1971 aged 84 years Julia wife of Michael, died 3th. Oct. 1978 aged 79 years. (Bottom of gravestone the following displayed) “Thy Kingdom Come”. (Double grave plot with kerbs).

49. Erected By John Riely of Maynooth In Memory in memory of Belov,d Mother Catherine Riely Who Departed this Life Nov,r  5th  1817 Aged  78 Years Also his Sister Margaret Who Departed this life Jan,y 10th 1819 Aged42? Years. (Very hard to make out lettering covered in moss. No kerbs).

50. IHS Th?? (Section of gravestone flaked away) Stone belong (th is positioned between the letter g and t). th to T Eaton ? and his Posterity 1766. (Small gravestone low in the ground).8:19:6

51. This Stone is erected by Catherine Thompson of Maynooth in memory of her beloved Husband John Thompson who died on the 15th of April 1867 aged 45 years, also three of their Children Michael, John and Mary Anne who died young. (No kerbs).

52. A blank small Stone no markings. To the right of grave stones No 51 and 58 Thompson and Colgan

53. IHS Here Lyeth Y (A letter e is positioned above the letter Y) Bodey (As spelled on gravestone) Of Thomas (s is positioned above the letter a of Thoma) Darsey Who Dap?? (red is positioned on the row above, but a section of the gravestone below right has broken off and lost). This Lief (As spelled on the gravestone). Y With a e above Y) 14 Day Of mareh (As spelled on the gravestone) 1747 In Y with e above Y 9 year of his age. (Gravestone buried in the ground and more information may be missing ??).

54. IHS This Stone Was Er-ected (Erected is broken up between row 1 and 2.) by Elizabeth Hanlon to the Memory (Note! Memo on the end of the 2nd row and ry displayed on the start of the 3th row) of Patrick Hanlon her Husband who departed (Note! De is on the end of the row and parted is on the start of the next row) this Life Y (with e above Y) 26th April 1774 Aged 70 Yrs.  Requiescant In Peace. (No kerbs). (Gravestone covered in moss and hard to read).

55. Curved small blank Stone. Located in front of grave stone no 44 Hall.

56. Erected By J Casey In Memory Of His Beloved Mother Who Died 8th June 1847 Aged 53 Years Also His Beloved Wife Mary Casey Who Died 27 June 1880 Aged 59 Years Also James Casey Who Died 1 June 1886 Aged 83 Years R.I.P. (Bottom left of gravestone) PARDIFF. (Lettering poor in places and covered in moss).

57. This Stone Was Erected By S???? Kelahan In Memory Of Her Father Richard Kelahan Deceased ey ?? 25th 1741 Aged 60 Years Also Of Edward Kelahan Deceased April Y 17th 1761 Aged 35 Yrs Also??? (The lower section is covered with clay). (Gravestone in very poor condition).

58. Sacred Heart Of Jesus Have Mercy On The Soul Of Patrick Colgan  Who Died 27th April 1913 Aged 65 Years Also His Wife Anne Colgan Who Died 24th September 1933 Aged 83 Years And Their Children John Died 30th June 1937 Pierce Died 18th May 1956 Katherine Maher  Died 11th May 1959 Patrick Died 15th Sept.1960 R.I.P. (Right side of gravestone ) Also Their Children  Joseph  Died 10th July 1962  Esther Died 8th Dec. 1962 Mary Died 24th Feb. 1972 (Left hand side of gravestone) Nicholas Maher Died 26th Apr 1964 And His Son Pierce Died 31st Dec 1975 Marie beloved wife of Pierce died 25th Sept. 2010.      ( Bottom right of grave stone ) McDonnell Templemore Co. Tipp.(This gravestone was cleaned up and Marie was engraved March 2012).

59. Blank broken stone covered in moss no markings displayed.

60. A Small curved top stone with an only a cross engraved on the front no other details.

61. Very small blank square stone. Not sure if it a grave marker?

62. Died 25th March ???? years as also Elizabeth ??? to Edward Mother to y/e above died 18th Janry 1753 aged 60 years. (Only a small piece of the gravestone remaining, top 2/3 is missing).

63. Upright stone, unable to make out any marking covered in white lichen and section top left flaked away. .

64. Erected to the memory of My Dear Husband Henry Ardiff who died 14th Sept 1911 aged 45 years Also his Infant son Eddie and his parents Henry and Mary who died 1899 also his wife Elizabeth died 26th march 1940 aged 68 years Jesus have mercy on them R.I.P. (Bottom left of gravestone) H. Ardiff (Right side) Leixlip (Elizabeth Auliff as spelled in Kildare Board Of Health Registry entry No 10 Address shown as Old Kilmainham, Dublin..) (Gravestone on the flat in the centre of the grave plot with the following displayed ).This Tomb was Erected by Mary Ardiff  in memory of her Beloved Husband Edward Ardiff  who Departed this Life  Feb, the 6th 1816  agd. 77 Years Requiescant in pace Also to the memory of Mary Ardiff who Departed this Life october (Note The letter O in October is displayed in the lower case o).  15th 1825 Aged 73Years.

65. Erected By (Some of the stone has flaked away 2012) Matidda Turner in memory of her beloved Brother William Wettleton who departed this life May the 9th 1861 aged 18 years. (William Wettleton is engraved within a rectangular piece cut out of the centre of the gravestone, very hard to read as gravestone is covered in white lichens).

66. IHS Here Lyethy (e above y) Body of Brian McBride who Departed this Life y (e above y) 19th (th above 9) Jan ry? (rt above n) 1754 Aged 64 Years. (Note! Grave plot no. 59 and no. 60 are very close together, gravestones no kerbs)

67. IHS Gloria in Exceleis Deo. this Stone Erecd (ed above cd) by Patrick Peppard (d above r) in memory of his father John &? (Note! & ? seems to be lightly edged at end of row) pepard (a place above r and d) And poster (‘it? above r) Ano (d above o) 1792.

68. Small broken blank Stone, no lettering displayed, it looks like it was a grave marker.

69. A curved top blank stone covered in moss with no markings.

70. A small broken blank stone with no marking.

71. Blank curved stone, piece broken off front right. No lettering or markings to be seen.

72. IHS To the memory of James Neal dec.d in 1735 aged 48 years & of Henry Neal dec.d in 1758 aged 25 yrs.This Stone (S in stone looks like the letter t ) was erected by Margaret Neal A/S Odlom ?(VIS Odlom? Positioned between rows above Surviveing), Surviveing wife of y e Sirlt? & mother of y e latter In Loving memory of my Dear Wife Mary Murphy who died 7? of Novr (Note the letter N is in reverse) 1893 aged 28 years also her beloved child James Murphy who died 13th of Nov.r 1893 aged 18 days Sacred Heart  of Jesus Have Mercy On Them.

73. Small blank pointed stone, no markings. Stone positioned right of grave No 72, Neal.

74. IHS Here (Note th is positioned above ye) The Body of (Note ms is positioned above o). Pepard who Dep.ted (Note ed is positioned above the letter p) this life AD 1713 aged 50 yrs (Note yrs is at a end of a row and yr is positioned above y) as also y Body of Elizabeth Pe.rd. (Note Pe.rd is located at an end of a row and rd is positioned above Pe) wife to John Pc.rd posterity by whome this Mo.nt (Note nt is placed above nt) was 1740? His thy rest in peace.

75. Three cornered broken stone, no markings displayed on front. In front of No. 66 McBride grave stone.

76. Grave stone fallen forward and is lying flat down on the ground. Grave stone covered over with briers and high grass.

77. In Loving Memory Of Joseph Bean Died 8th March 1931 Aged 17 Years. And Madeleine Bean Died 24th Feb. 1933 Aged 22 Years. Also Their Grandparents Joseph And Mary Bean May They Rest In Peace. (Small white marble gravestone)

78. (Note April 2012! top and left side of gravestone gone) bodies of Anne??? in 1740 aged 28??atharine Reaf decd. In 1750 aged 64 of Willm Reaf dec.d in 1753 aged aged 68.

79.  In Loving Memory Of Edward Coogan Maynooth Died 2 March 1938 And His Son Jack Died 15 Jan .1906 His Wife Marcella Coogan Died 11 Feb. 1955. R.I.P. (Addition slab up against grave stone with the following displayed) Also Their Sons William, Died 5th May 1965. Eddie, Died 15th Aug. 1966.  Gerald, Died 10th Aug.1967.  And Daughter Nano Died 20th Feb.1975. Also Christopher Died 25th July 1976. (Grave 9 feet 8 inches by 9 foot 10 inches wide.)

80. Wooden cross no details, with steel chain railing around single grave. (Wooden cross has fallen down late2012 base rotten.

81. IHS Erected by Jane Moran of Ballygoran to the memory of his deceased children who lie here intered? If sincere Friendship and ???? (Note! gravestone face is flaking away at points) heart with social Love of much? Of  ??? Here lies a youth in whom there may combind Those three great virtues of the human mind Philip Moran who departed this life Nov.r 10th 1826 Aged 26 Years Requiescant in Pace Amen (Quiet a lot of  orange and white lichen on the Gravestone and in poor condition Jan 2013).

82. Erected by Thomas Downes of Monacoola to the memory of his Posterity here Lieth his Father Thomas Downes who Dep.ed this Life March the 10th  1766 Aged 67 Years & his Mother Mary Downes  May the 15th 1768 Aged 66 years ?? (More information lost in the ground).).

83. Erected By Martin Connolly Leixlip in memory of his beloved wife Elizabeth (Note! th is place above the letter be) Connolly who depd this life decr 16  1834  aged 39 years Here also Lieth the Remains of the above Named Martin Connolly who depd this Life Novr 29th 1880 aged 86 years Also his Daughter Bridget Clinton Who died May 20 1879 Aged 50 years And his beloved Grand Son Martin Connolly who died 20th  Jan 1883 Aged 31years Also Mr Wm. Connolly who died 20th of April 1887 Aged 55 years And his wife Mary Connolly died May 25th 1938 Aged 81 years May her soul rest in peace.

84. Two small broken stones covered in green moss no lettering displayed. May have being grave markers?

85. S (Top right of gravestone) (Note March 2012! A piece of the top section of the gravestone has flaked away and information is lost forever) Erec???  ?? on Evern in mem,r ???er Edmond Evern who d1727? Aged 60 ??  his mother Luern A1:S Coughlin died the same year age 50 his brother Anthony died 1726 aged 18 his son Anthony died in 1760 this?Mo???  er:s by y: above Simon ?? For him and his Po??ity. (Gravestone in a very poor condition resteration required now or lost forever 2013).

86. Small broken stone, no marking. A green wire surrounding marks out the single grave. Grave up beside gravestone No.87 Burke. 

87. In loving memory of Matthew Burke  558 O’Neill Park, Maynooth (Late of Carton) died 14th April 1965 aged 72 years  also his wife Annie Burke died 25th  Jan. 1984 aged 92 years James and Margaret Burke late 20 Leinster  Cottages, Maynooth interred in this cemetery (Bottom of gravestone the following displayed) eternal rest grant to them.

88. IHS This Stone & Burial Place Belongeth To Richard Palles & his Posterity 1758.

89. IHS (Heart upside down under IHS) In Loving Memory John Reilly Dublin Rd. Maynooth Died 20. May 1908 His Wife Rose Died 24. Sep. 1915 And Their Son Michael Died 7. Oct. 1946 (From her on the lettering is reduced in depth)   Also Anastasia Wife Of The Above Michael Died 12 .July 1958 And Their Son John Died 6. Sep. 1962 And His Wife Julia Died 19 May 1977 RIP. (Bottom left of gravestone MOSS. Bottom right DROGHEDA). (Kerbs all around with a ball at each corner).(Note Reilly engraved on back of gravestone) (Grave 10 foot 1 inch by 9 foot 9 inches wide)

90. IHS this stone and burial place belongeth to Paul Malone?? (Note! A piece of gravestone, (hole) gone covered in orange and white lichen and green moss).

91. IHS William Duke of Leinster hath Erected this Stone to the memory of Patrick Allen Gardener to his Grace and his Ancestors he departed this life the 22nd  of August A.D. 1778 Aged 82 years (Gravestone under tree’s)

92. Erected in memory of Edward Beahan of Maynooth who died 1795 aged 72 years Also to the memory of his wife Mary Beahan.  ? Bean died April 16th 184?  Aged 63 yrs Ewd. Beahan died Octb 26th 188?.  Aged 63 yrs Parck Beahan died Ma? Aged 50? Anne Beah?  (Note!  this gravestone in many small pieces on the ground alongside the grave).

93. IHS This Burial place belongeth to James Reabit and his Posterity Here Lyeth  three of His Children Se???? ( Note ! The remainder of the gravestone is buried in the ground ).

94. Erected By Thomas Deames of Maynooth  in memory of his beloved father John Deames died 20th. Oct. 1852, age 75 years. also his beloved mother Elizabeth Deames died 18th May 1824, age 36 years. Also his brother Joseph Deames died 29th. Jan.  1870 age 50 years also his sister Rose Deames died 5th. March 1880 age 49 years also Mary Anne Deames died 23th. Oct. 1891 age 74 years also the above Thomas Deames died 4th. Dec.1893 aged 76 years (Henry Note! Age is used in all entry’s but for the last one Thomas Deames where Aged is used.).

95. Erected By John Rossiney, of Melbourne Victoria. In affectionate  remembrance of his mother Catherine. Who died 24 April 1878  aged 75 years.  Also of his brother Patrick. His grandfather Michael. His  grandmother Julia. & uncle James .May there  sould rest in peace (Bottom left of gravestone the following displayed T.H.Dennany, and right side Glasnevin )(To the left of the main gravestone in the same graveplot there is an old small slate stone with the front flaking away. the following is still readiable  IHS ??re?? Ro ??? in me ??of his Wi??// Jul??Rosson?? AD 18????. A wrought iron railing sourround this grave. (Grave plot 6 foot by 7 foot 9 inches long)

96. Small banks stone pointed top no markings, low in the ground.

97. Gravestone fallen faced down in the ground unable to get any details March 2013.

98. This Stone was Erected by Willm Kelly of the City of Dublin Shipwright? To the memory of his Father John Kelly who Depd this life the 1 Day January 1804 Aged 46  Years also to his dearly beloved Wife Elizabeth Kelly alias Short who depd this life on the 13 Day July 1823 in the 33 year of her age with 4 ? of children ?? (The gravestone is lost in the earth.).

99. (Gravestone to the left of the plot)In Loving Memory Of Patrick Cusker Died 29th December 1945 His Wife Violet Died 3th March 1955 Their Sons George Died 28th July 1942 David 13th April 1955 Fred Died 29th July 1974 Also Elizabeth Died 1933 Rest In Peace (Gravestone centre of grave the following displayed )In Loving Memory Of William Cusker Died 6th January 1975 Aged 62 Years Also His Beloved Wife Marcella Died 24th October 2002 Aged 93 Years  Their Baby Patrick Died 1936 Their Grandson  Padraig Died 1978 Rest In Peace  (Marble  plaque left side of grave) Baby Padraig  Noone Grandson Of William Died 11th March 1978 Also Grandson Of Marcella Always Remembered Love Daddy And Mammy. (George Cusker displayed in the Kildare Board Of Health Registry Entry No. 18, Address shown as Carton, Maynooth.)

100. A pointed gravestone with only a sun and an image of a pig. No lettering displayed front starting to flake away.

101. IHS Errected  (Errected as spelled on gravestone) by Ann Segrave v of Maynooth (of Maynooth seems to be a after taught and fitted in between row 1 and 2) in Memory of her Husband Patrick Sergrave who Dep,rd this life April  the 10th 1790  Aged 50 y,rs Here also lieth  three of their Sons Patt? Segrave Died A.D. 1802 Aged 2.5 Years Matt Sergrave Died A.D.  1808 Aged 25 Years John Sergrave Died April 19th 1830 Aged 48 Years

102. Aged???? Patrick D??????? 1869?????? R.I.P. (Note Henry, April 2012. The front of the gravestone is flaking away and very little is left of the lettering).

103. Steel cross, lost in heavy wooded area no detail to hand. 

104. A Small blank stone with no markings. Stone located above grave stone no. 112 Keely.

105.  A small blank stone with no lettering or markings. Positioned in front of No.90 Cuskers grave.

106. (Byrne grave plot has 3 gravestone in a double grave plot) In Loving Memory Of  John Byrne Who Died 2nd Jan. 1958  Aged 67 Years His Son Thomas Byrne Who Died 10th May 1960 Aged 31 Years Also His Wife Margaret Byrne  Who Died 8th April 1965 Aged 64 Years R.I.P. (Second Gravestone the following details displayed) In Loving Memory Of Angela Byrne  (nee Keelty) Rail Park, Maynooth Died 10th September 1996 Aged 58 Years “ Forever In Your Thoughts” R.I.P.  (Third Gravestone the following details displayed)  In Memory Of John Byrne Who Died 25. Sept.1914. Age 65.  Also His Children, Margaret Died 18 Aug. 1918.  Mary Died 23. Nov. 1919. Katie. Died 23. April 1922 Our Dearly Beloved Mother Mary Byrne Died 29. Aug. 1930. Their Son Thomas Died 29th Oct. 1942. Elizabeth McCormack, Their Daughter Died 13th July 1948 R.I.P. (Bottom left of gravestone the following displayed) Burnell?  (Bottom right of gravestone the following displayed) Carrick. (Thomas Byrne displayed No 22 Cemetery Registry, Address shown as Railpark, Maynooth). (Seamus  Byrne died 7th July and is buried in this plot)

107. IHS This ( This is on the left side and Stone on the right side of the gravestone) Stone was Erected by Michel, McCul in Memory of his Father Jams, McCul who Departed this Life AD 1768 Aged 56 Yrs also a brother and sister of the above Mick. ??? (Lettering lost in the clay))

108. Erected by Jane Allen in memory of Michael McCullagh who Depd this life? March the ?? 1799? Agd 46 yrs Also Mary his Wife who Depd this Life May the ??  ???? Agd ? Also in the memory of Ann Flannery Allice McCullagh who Depd this Life March the 17th  ? 1800 Agd? yrs (Note! Henry 2013. Very difficult to read details as gravestone covered in brown lichen, edges and bottom of gravestone decorated)

109. Erected By Edward Downes In Memory of his beloved Father Denis Downes Who Died 21 oct. 1859. Aged 62 Years also his Mother Catherine Downes who died 30 may 1872 Aged 58 Years. also Jane Margaret and Patrick Downes of maynooth who died young.  May they rest in peace. (Bottom left) 1870 (Bottom right) EDW Downes 36 Tighe St. Dublin.

110. In loving memory of our parents Thomas & Kate Keely also our brothers Thomas & John (Burnell Bottom of gravestone the following displayed) R.I.P.

111. IHS this monument was Erected by Thomas Keely for him and his posterity his father James Keely died in??? aged 64?  His Mother??? Alias Horan died??? 17?? Aged 5? Also??? Children. (Note March 2012! the face of the gravestone is flaking off at various places and unable to pull a lot of details).

112. Erected by Joseph Keely in fond memory of his parents James & Bridget also my beloved brothers & sisters John William James Margaret & Anne Joseph Keely died 14. Feb. 1932.  (Bottom left of gravestone the following displayed) Burnell Edenderry.

113. This Stone and burial place belongeth to Mr James Kelly of Exchange Street and Mrs Judith Kelly of Meath Street both of the City of Dublin and their prosterity Here Lyeth the body of Mrs Elinor Kelly wife of the above James Kelly who Dep.d this Life the 29th of August 1787 Aged 38 Years Here also lyeth the Body of Mr William Kelly husband to the above Judith Kelly who Departed this Life the 29th of August 1787 Aged 40 years.

114. IHS This stone was Erected by Edward O Connor of Essex (Note, Essex is displayed with the first letter s in Essex looking like the letter f) Quay Dublin in Memory of his Dearly beloved Wife Mary O Connor who departed this Life the 6th day of January A D 1809 Aged 28 Years Also their Son William O Connor who departed this Life the 28th March A D 1807 Aged 5 Years (Note1 The street name of Essex is spelled as it was Efsex).

115. IHS This was erected by Thomas Carty in memory of his Child Mary who departed march (Note! Letter m in march in lower case on gravestone) the 25 1773 Aged 3 years.

116. IHS Heare Lyeth y/e Body of Patrick San (Note! The rest of his Surname is on the next row) ders who departed this Life y/e 29th of ???? Aged ??? (Gravestone has fallen foward and the lower section is buried in the clay,unable to read the rest of the lettering).

117. IHS Gloria in Exceleis Deo. (Lower section of curve the following is displayed) T. M. Carthy Celbridge.  Erected By Thomas Mack in memory of his son Thomas Mack who Depd. This life Febry 25th?  1828 Aged 22 Years He Lived beloved and Died Lamented. Also to the memory of all his Posterity.

118. Hyland RIP (The Surname appears on the back of cross gravestone).

119. Top section of a cement cross just above ground, there is no details on cross.

120. Erected By Alice Blake In Memory Of Her Loving Husband William Blake Died 11Apr. 1922 Aged 69 Years .Also Her Daughter Mary Dunne, Died 20 Apr.  1915 Aged 25 Years. Rose Blake Died 19th July 1913 Aged 20 Also The Above Alice Died 7 Sep 1955 Aged 89 R.I.P. BLAKE. (White marble gravestone).

121. IHS Erected by John and Marse?? Rielly in memory of Hugh Rielly who departed this life on the 10th November 1840 aged 45 years Also to the memory Silvester Rielly who departed this life 10th December 1840 aged 41.

122. Nevin Ballygoran, Maynooth. In Loving Memory Of Mam And Dad Kathleen Nevin (Nee Burke) Died 19th March 1984 Aged 74 Years Michael Nevin Died 8th October 1984 Aged 76 Years Holy Mary Pray For Them. R.I.P.  Erected By Their Sons and Daughter. (Side of plinth Ardiff Leixlip) (Black marble gravestone, in the same grave as below Jesus Mercy Mary Help (On the circular part, top of gravestone) In Loving Memory Of Mary Burke, Ballygoran, Maynooth. Died 30th Oct. 1942.  Aged 68 Years. & Her  Infant Son Oliver Died 19th Dec. 1922 ,Aged 2 1/2  Years  Her Loving Husband Thomas Died 19th Feb 1951 Aged 74 Years Also Their Granddaughter Kathleen Burke Died 21st March 1953 Aged 14 Years R.I.P (White marble gravestone) Grave treble plot  and kerbed )

123. In Loving Memory Of My Father Patrick Fay Died 5th? Dec? 1935? Aged 62 Years Also My Brothers Peter Died 15th Nov 1937? Aged 8 1/2? Years Patrick Died 26th June 1938 Aged 23 Years Also My Mother Catherine Died 6th Jan 1942 Aged 52 Years. (Stone covered in moss hard to read)(No 1 Cemetery Registry Address given Old Hill, Leixlip.).

124. To the Memory of Mr Gurtis Hughes 3rd Son of Mr John Hughes of Maynooth he Departed this Life on the 31st Day of January  1811 Aged 20 Years. (Grave plot within church ruins)

125. In Loving Memory Of My Dear Husband Joseph Flood Died 9th Feb. 1939 Aged 63 Years Also His Father Richard Flood Died 7th March 1919 Aged 92 Years .And His Mother Anne Flood Died 18th July  1901 Aged 70 Years. “Thy Will Be Done” R.I.P.  (Lead Inscription) (No7 in Cemetery Registry Address shown Carton, Maynooth).(Grave plot within church ruins)

126. Erected By Joseph Weafer In Memory Of His  Beloved Wife Bridget Who Departed This Life 17th September 1880 Aged 76 Years Also His Two Children  Margaret And Joseph Who Died Young . R.I.P. (Bottom left of gravestone the following displayed T.H. Drennany bottom right Glasnevin). (New gravestone erected 2012 with the following details) Richard Hudson Bradshaw 1942 – 2010 Rest In Peace. (Grave plot right up against wall in the church ruins)

127. Pray For The Soul Of Mr Thomas Duggan Margaret, His Wife And John Their Son Whose Remains are Here Interred. (Note only the bottom plinth of the gravestone is standing, at the back of the plinth there is a top half of a cross )(Grave plot within church ruins)

128. Erected By Rev. E. O’Reilly In Memory Of His Beloved Father Peter O’Reilly Died 18th July 1904 Aged 90 Years His Beloved Mother Margaret Murphy O’Reilly Died 25th April 1895 Aged 66Years  His Beloved Brother Thomas Joseph Student Of Holy Cross College Clonliffe Died 25th February 1882 Aged 27 Years And His Beloved Sister Mary Kate Who Died Young R.I.P.  (Right side of gravestone the following displayed)  Also of his beloved sister May Joseph Wray died 4th November 1898 aged 34 years the beloved Wife of Charles Wray esqr. Solicitor Manorhamilton. R.I.P.  (Back of gravestone ) Also in memory of his beloved sister Lucy Josephine Redmond died 27th January 1904 aged 31 years and interred in Laraghbryan.The Beloved wife of Thomas Redmond esqr.  Maynooth R.I.P. (Left side of gravestone the following displayed) Also of his beloved nieces Jennie Clare Stephanie Murphy died 16th August 1895 aged 3 years & 7 months and Evelyn  Margaret Mary Murphy  died 21st August 1895 aged 6 years &7 months the beloved daughters of Joseph & Jane Frances  Murphy. (This stone slab is on the flat at the foot of Rev. E. O’Reilly gravestone)  Erected Catherine Murphy of Maynooth to the Memory of her Affection Husband Patrick Murphy who departed this life 22nd  December 1816?46  Aged 69 Years Also her daughter Catherine who died 31 Dec 1827  Aged 2 Years and  her son Patrick who died 14 Nov 1829 Aged 4 Years Also her son Edward Murphy who died May 31st  1852 Aged 33 Years Requiescant in pace Amen.(Grave plot within church ruins)

129. Pray For The Soul Of Martin O’Donnell Who Died 10th December 1975 Aged 68 Years And His Son Monsignor Matthew O’Donnell President St. Patrick College Maynooth Who Died 27th September 1996 Aged 63 Years And His Beloved Wife Maura (Nee Weafer) Who Died 16th March 2005 Aged 96 Years R.I.P.(Note Henry. April 2012. Monsignor Matthew O’Donnell was the 26th President of Maynooth College from 1994 to 1996, he died in office. He lived in Maynooth in his young days.  He is buried within church ruins with his father.)

130. In Loving Memory Of Matthew Weafer Carton Lodge, Maynooth who died 8th July 1960 aged 83 years Annie Maria (Ceccie) Weafer who died 5th Dec 1924 aged 18 years Margaret (Peg) Weafer (Nee Bracken) who died 12th Dec 1940. aged 33 years Bridget (Bea Nee McGovern) beloved wife of Thomas Weafer Who Died 14th July 1969 aged 54 years. Annie, beloved wife of Matthew Weafer who died     23th Oct.1969, aged 93 Years. Their Son Thomas Weafer Main St. Maynooth. who died 18th May 1973 aged 61 years. R.I.P? (Margaret Weafer displayed No. 9 Cemetery Registry Address shown as Main St. Maynooth). (Grave plot is within the church ruins).WEAFER engraved and lettering painted black on the back of gravestone).

131. In Loving Memory of my dear husband Joseph Weafer Sunview, Maynooth who died 7th May 1933 Aged 62 years. (Grave plot within church ruins)

132. Broken gravestone only the plinth left. Positioned between the graves of J. Weafer. No 131 and B. Fahy. No 133.(Grave plot within church ruins)

133. In Loving Memory of Bridget Fahey Died 10th Novr. 1911 Aged 26 Years (Bottom of gravestone the following displayed) Erected by her sorrowing husband R.I.P. (Lead Inscription). ( Note April 2012 ! Letter g of Loving, F of Fahey and number  6 of 26 the lead  insert has fallen out). (Grave plot within church ruins).

134. A grave plot with large granite kerbs but the gravestone is no longer in situ. Grave positioned at the back of Hall. O’Neill single grave No.44.

135. A small pointed gravestone, The front of the stone has flaked away over time. Stone is positioned beside Allen gravestone No. 91.

136. Small  upright  blank stone left of gravestone No. 76 may be a grave marker? .

137. A small upright blank stone right of gravestone No 76. That is on it flat facing down.

Headstone details of Donaghmore/Grangewilliam Cemetery from 1713-2013, transcribed by Henry Flynn. Our thanks to Henry

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