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28 September 1918 The Nationalist and Leinster Times

Ex-soldier and English Promises

At Newbridge Petty Sessions on Thursday last, before Major Thackery, R.M., and Mr. P. J. Doyle, a young man named Wm Jones, of Athgarvan, Curragh  Camp, was charged in custody under the Defence of the Realm Act with having on July 28, near the Curragh, interrupted and impeded Head Constable Sweeney and Constable Joseph Sullivan in the discharge of their duties.

The accused was formerly a sergeant of the Connaught Rangers, and was in the retreat from Mons, where his left hand was so severely wounded that it is now practically useless.

Head Constable Sweeney, in reply to District Inspector Madden, who prosecuted, stated that on Sunday, July 28th, he and Constable Sullivan were bringing to the barracks nine boy prisoners arrested for illegal drilling. At Kilbelin they met the prisoner, who said to the boys – “Lie down on the road, boys; sit down and don’t walk for them.” He repeated these words a second time. He was employed a s a rural postman.

Asked if he wished to say anything, Jones declared he did not recognise the court. Major Thackery said the man had been engaged in the Ordnance Stores and he would have gone to any length to help a wounded soldier. Jones, however, was brought up some time ago by order of the military authorities for an attempt to seduce soldiers from their allegiance. At the time he (Major Thackery) had to pass sentence, but the Lord Lieutenant was memorialised and the prisoner was let out. The affair was almost Gilbertian, as Jones was then appointed recruiting sergeant in Mullingar and after that he was put into the Post Office. He was drawing a pension of £2 or more, while he now said he was ill-treated and that they were all ardent hypocrites, while he was making high-falutin’ statements. He would have to give an undertaking to cease allying himself with the forces of disorder and to enter into bail in £10 and two sureties of £5 or go to jail for two months.

Prisoner: I refuse to give bail, I may tell you that right off the reel.

Major Thackery, R.M.: – That is a matter for yourself, but I am telling you you are doing a foolish thing.

The prisoner was then conveyed to prison for two months.


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