by jdurney on February 9, 2012

Town of Kilcock

At a meeting of Kildare Co. Council held on 20 February 1922: Arising on the reading of a letter dated 15th December, 1921, from the Clerk, Celbridge No.1 Rural District Council it was proposed by Mr. Nicholas Travers, seconded by Mr. Mark Carroll and resolved: – ‘That the proposal of the Celbridge No. 1 Rural District Council to rename the town of “Kilcock” in its Gaelic form of “Cill-Corce” be approved.’

Kildare Co. Council Minute Book 4 May 1920-4 November 1924

In February 1922 Kildare Co. Council proposed to change the name of Kilcock to Cill-Corce

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