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I found this document this morning by accident and noted immediately the inclusion of Wolfe Tone in 1787 but there are other well-known families in the list. The lists on the site date from 1501 to 1944. By searching for Kildare the first reference I found was 1629 though the information in the early years is scant and a more exhaustive troll of the list would be necessary.

9 July 1629 ARTHUR WHITE, second son of Nicholas W , of Lexlipp, County Kildare, Ireland, knight.


Register of Admissions Middle Temple 1751-1850

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County Kildare Addresses

7 May 1751 SAMUEL SPENCER, son and heir of Boyle S., of Rathangan, Kildare . Ireland. esq.

13 October 1761 WILLlAM BURGH, eldest son of Thomas B., late of Bert, Kildare, Ireland, esq., decd.

3 November 1761 ARTHUR WOLFE, fifth son of John W., late of Forenaughts, Kildare. Ireland, esq., decd.

29 December 1761 WILLIAM EVANS, son of Henry E., of Ardree, in the parish of Tankerstown, Kildare, Ireland, esq.

8 June 1762 THOMAS SMITH, only son of William S., of Athy, Kildare, Ireland, esq.

25 June 1764 MICHAEL CROMIE, eldest son of William C., of Stacumney, Kildare, Ireland, esq.

7 January 1768 ROBERT BROWN, son of John B., late of Duneany, Kildare, Ireland, esq., decd.

22 October 1770 THOMAS QUIN, only son of Thomas Q., of Quinsborough, Kildare, Ireland, esq.

1 June 1772 THOMAS NEVILL second son of Arthur Jones N., late of Foreness, Kildare, Ireland, esq., decd. Called 18 June, 1779.

16 December 1772 CHARLES FLEETWOOD. eldest son of Charles F., of Cottage, near Athy, Kildare, Ireland, esq.

18 November 1773 JOHN DENNIS, eldest son of the Rev. William D., of Clane. Kildare, Ireland. doctor of laws.

4 January 1774 JOHN WOLFE, only son of Philpott W ., of Forenaughts, Kildare, Ireland, esq.

15 April 1775 JOSEPH HIGGINSON, eldest son of Joseph H., of Grange Melon, Kildare, Ireland, esq.

30 October 1776 THOMAS BURGH, eldest son of Thomas B., late of Old Town, Kildare, Ireland, esq., deed.

16 May 1778  MJCHAEL CAHILL, second son of the Rev. Michael C., late of Allen, Kildare, Ireland, clerk, decd.

6 November 1778 ANTONY ST. LEGER, second son of John St. L., late of Grange Mellon, Kildare, Ireland, esq., decd.

3 February 1787 THEOBALD WOLFE TONE. eldest son of Peter T., of Black Hall, Kildare. Ireland, gent.

9 November 1802 THOMAS TYRRELL, second son of Thomas T., of Killrany, Kildare, Ireland, esq.

3 May 1806 JOHN JUDGE. only son of John J., of Windgates, near Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland, gent.

29 October 1817 NICHOLAS MURRAY MANSFIELD, eldest son of Dudley M., late of Brook Lodge, near Naas. Kildare, esq., decd.

9 November 1821 WILLlAM BARRAS, eldest son of Samuel B., of Athy, Kildare, esq.

4 February 1825 JOHN LEWIS O’FERRALL, second son of Ambrose O’F., of Balyna, Kildare, esq.

14 November 1831 JOHN LUBÉ, sixth son of John L., late of Corkernstown, Kildare, esq., decd. Called 25 Nov., 1836.

3 May 1833 ANTONY GEORGE LEFROY, eldest son of– L., of Cardenton, Kildare.

23 January 1834 EYRE POWELL, eldest son of Thomas Eyre P., of Great Connell, in the City of Kildare. esq.

25 August 1836 THOMAS FITZGERALD (admitted to Lincoln’s Inn 28 June, 1797), second son of Edward F., late of Kildare, in the island of Jamaica, esq.

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