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Kildare Observer 1 March 1919

Memorial Tablet in Kildare Cathedral

The family of the late Second-Lieut. George Medlicott have erected a memorial tablet in Kildare Cathedral to his memory. The place granted by the Dean (the Very Rev. Dean Waller) for the erection of the tablet is nearly in a line with the old Medlicott burial vault outside the Cathedral walls as space would permit. As the vault is now full, the present burial place of the family is at Dunmurray, in the old churchyard near the house, and the late Mr. James E. Medlicott, J.P., his wife and a little son are there laid to rest inside the remains of the old walls of a now quite ruined church. The memorial tablet is an artistic sample of the work of Messrs. Harrison, Dublin, and bears the crest and motto of the Medlicott family.

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