Mission Statement

by mariocorrigan on May 18, 2006

Mission Statement:
Welcome to Kildare County Library and Arts Service Online Electronic History Journal. All material on this site is administered by the History and Family Research Centre, incorporating the three related departments, Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives.
The idea of an electronic journal is to provide a forum for local historians to publish material relating to the history, archaeology and heritage of Co. Kildare. It is a way of preserving information that might otherwise be lost (such as local history, talks, queries etc.) as well as a way of reproducing valuable material relating to Kildare which is rare and out of print. Hopefully it will also be a way of advertising events and promoting an interest in the history, archaeology and heritage of Co. Kildare.
All are welcome to contribute but contributions should be made by e-mail or on disk. It is hoped that this will be a joint effort with some of the prominent local historians in the County and should material need to be edited then it will be done by those involved. There are many individuals like myself who come across interesting snippets of information, intend to publish them somewhere or make them available but who never get around to it. Lastly there are local history talks all over the county every year and those speakers should be encouraged to publish their research or topic of interest and this journal will allow them to do that with ease.
We welcome contributions, big and small. Our aim is to preserve and promote and to offer a platform for people with valuable knowledge whereby they can publish their information with no cost to themselves. Indeed there is a wealth of local knowledge in the hands of individuals who would have no interest in traditional publishing.
Any thoughts or contributions can be e-mailed directly to localhistory@kildarecoco.ie
18 May 2006
Mario Corrigan


Local Studies Department
History and Family Research Centre
Main St.
e-mail: localhistory@kildarecoco.ie
Phone 045-432690 / 087-9871046


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