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The Kildare Observer , September 15, 1928

Pilgrims in Smash

The timely arrival and help of Lieut. P. Shelvin, O.C. Curragh Abattoir, and Pte. P. Fitzgerald, of the Abattoir Staff, saved, perhaps from death, three helpless women, one of whom was an invalid, on Friday week, when the horse trap in which they were driving overturned and pinned them beneath. The party, who had come from Wicklow, were on their was to Father Moore’s Well at Milltown, Kildare. Mistaking the road, they were proceeding towards the Curragh Camp, and when opposite the abattoir entrance the horse, for some unexplained reason, pulled one wheel of the car on to the road bank, with the result mentioned. The ladies, two of whom including the invalid were bleeding profusely and suffering from severe injuries to the head and body, were on the point of fainting when Lieut. Shevlin and Pte. Fitzgerald, who were leaving the abattoir, came to their assistance and extricated them. Worse still, the horse, in an attempt to free itself, had commenced to lash and plunge, and only an act of Providence could have saved the trapped occupants from being struck, trampled upon, or dragged along the road under the upturned car. Great credit is due to Lieut. Shevlin and Pte. Fitzgerald, who affected the rescue at considerable personal risk to themselves.

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