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6th Irish Military Seminar

Castletown House, Naas and Newbridge Libraries, Riverbank Arts Centre and Town Hall, Newbridge, Co. Kildare

4-11 June 2022


Saturday 4 June: Castletown House, Celbridge, at 15.00 Book at Admission: €10.00

The World Turned Upside Down: Lord Edward Fitzgerald, the British Army, and the battle for Irish Freedom – Stella Tillyard


Tuesday 7 June: Newbridge Community Library, at 19.00 Book at 045 906 130. Free event.

Adolf Hitler: My part in his downfall, Mickser Mahon – James Durney

Thursday 9 June: Naas Community Library, at 20.00 Book at 045 879 111. Free event.

Friday 10 June: Newbridge Community Library, at 14.30 Book at 045 906 130. Free event.

What date did we reach the crossroads? The Irish Civil War and the Memory of a Divided Landscape: a bilingual lecture on the memory of the Civil War – dynamics, influences, patterns of commemorations/Cén dáta ar shroicheamar an crosbhóthar? Cogadh Cathartha na hÉireann agus Cuimhne ar Thírdhreach Roinnte: léacht dhátheangach ar chuimhne an Chogaidh Chathartha – dinimic, tionchair, patrúin cuimhneacháin – Dr. Tomás Mac Conmara

Friday 10 June: Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge, at 19.30 Book via Riverbank Box Office at 045 448 327. Free event.

Ranger 22 – Ray Goggins in conversation with Declan Power

Saturday 11 June: Town Hall, Newbridge 09.15 – 15.30 Book via Free event. 

From Carrickfergus to Carcassonne: The Crusade against the Cathars – Paul Duffy

Sex for Secrets? The IRA’s ‘honey-trap’ operation, 1920-21 – Dr. Gerri O’Neill

From Confusion to Counter Insurgency: The Irish Security Response to the Outbreak of Violence in Northern Ireland 1969-1972 – Dr. Patrick Mulroe

Military and naval tactics and the suppression of historic piracy in Ireland – where it all went wrong – Dr. Connie Kelleher

Keynote Speaker

Between Two Hells: The Irish Civil War – Prof. Diarmaid Ferriter

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