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Seminar. The Black Flu and Khaki Election, 1918

During the summer of 1918 troops from all warring nations began to succumb to a new mystery illness – a deadly strain of influenza. Troop losses from the epidemic soon exceeded combat casualties, especially weakening the hard pressed German army. The illness was swiftly dubbed the ‘Spanish Flu,’ as Spain free from wartime censorship, was the first country to announce an outbreak.

The Spanish Flu appeared in Ireland in three waves: summer and autumn/winter 1918 and spring 1919. The first recorded instance in Co. Kildare was in Athy on 13 July 1918. In Co. Kildare Naas suffered the most, with the flu accounting for just under 25 per cent of all deaths in 1918, while in Athy, just over one in five deaths were due to influenza. Co. Kildare had the highest death rate in 1918 – 3.95 per thousand – a total of 263 deaths.

The Black Flu and Khaki Election, 1918

Seminar Sat. 6 October, 2018, Osprey Hotel

The Co. Kildare Decade of Commemorations Committee

in association with the Co. Kildare Federation of Local History Groups.


8.45 a.m. Tea/Coffee

10.05 a.m. Mayor of Kildare, Cllr. Séan Power – Launch of Seminar

10.15 a.m. Dr. Ida Milne, Stacking the Coffins

11 a.m. Tea Coffee

11.30 a.m. Ronnie Kinnane, Naas and the Black Flu

12.15 p.m. Frank Taaffe, The Flu Epidemic in Athy

13.00- 13.30 Q & A – President, Paddy Behan to facilitate


13.30 p.m. Lunch

14.30 p.m. Mario Corrigan, The death of John Redmond

14.45 p.m. Thomas Nelson, The 1918 General Election in Kildare

The Seminar is free but booking is advised: 045448350/352


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