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Some G.A.A. come-all-ye’s

These G.A.A. songs of Kildare were included in the Leinster Leader G.A.A. Centenary Supplement published in 1984. Re-typed by Andy Mason.



Homes of Kildare on your prowess depending

Wait with high hopes for the news of the fight

Think of the joys and gladness unending

Brighten their days for they’ve plenty of might
Think of the aged pair Bowed beneath a life of care
Waiting at home by the fireside to hear
Your homing wild huroo
Shouting Cill Dara abú
Happy at last: Be it yours them to cheer.

On to famed Dublin/Thurles then
On to the struggle, men
Filled with high hopes of a victory grand
Dublin/Kerry may about huroo
Shout back Cill Dara abú
Strike for our county the first in the land.

(Verse added after All-Ireland victory 1905):

Wake from your slumbers the trumpet is sounding
Kerry’s brave heroes at Thurles at fight
Gather Kildaremen like swift steeds bounding
Champions of Ireland to come home tonight
every boy in white
Remember the cause you fight
Kildare’s fair fame mid the clans of the kings
Onward like furies run
Fiercest fight is only fun
While the whole land with your victory rings.

Composed for 1904 Leinster final, in which Dublin beat Kildare 0-9 to 0-5 at Jones’s Road (Croke Park). Updated for 1905 All-Ireland final, when Kildare beat Kerry at Thurles.


Steady, boys in white, steady
Ponder, gather, catch, secure
Tranquil be and ever ready
Quick to pass and to endure.

Aimless kick do not insanely
Like a madman in sore pain
Kicking madly therefore vainly
Ere you kick just look again

But observe the Dublin Team
Long Collect their awful ire
They are stronger than they seem
Before them you must never tire.

No children, they, these Dublin Gaels
But men of sinew and of grit
Before your skill naught this avails
If you, too, are like them, fit.

Leinster Leader, August 18, 1906. Kildare beat Dublin in the 1905 Leinster final, 0-6 to 0-2 at Athy and went on to win the All-Ireland.

1907: Sons OF ST. BRIGID

The sons of St. Brigid now carry the sway
Such a battle we’ll ne’er see again
And the boys from Tralee will remember the day
When they Roseberry and Clane
“Twas a desparate fight, but we won all the same
For Thigeen Roe’s boys were all there and they knew every trick that belongs to the game
Those rollicking boys of Kildare.

They beat County Wexford and King’s County too
And vanquished the sweet County Louth
And now they are champions of Ireland huroo
For they routed the pick of the South
They beat County Monaghan and Dublin likewise
While the men of Royal Meath were not there
And the Gaels of Mayo were entirely too slow
For the fleetfooted boys of Kildare.

May their history and name rank forever in fame
With the memory of Hamilton Rowan
May they live in renown around old Bodenstown
Where lies the immortal wolfe tone
In their midst that dissension may ne’er find a home
But may wither and die in despair
And may unity guide them wherever they roam
Those soul-stirring Gaels of Kildare.

In every fair contest stand firm and true
And never be cowards or slaves
Remember your forefathers fought bravely too
The old county’s honour to save
But, brothers in arms, stand up as one man
Let Harmony reign everywhere
And now take your seats in front of the van
All conquering boys of Kildare.

Sean MacDomhnall, Leinster Leader, June 22, 1907.


Well done Kildare the game is won
With victory once more
The Lily Whites have conquered
As in the days of yore
The Gaelic spirit shines again
The county rings with joy
As up we raise the dear old flag
To its rightful place on high.

The first to fall brave County Louth
The game was fast and rare
The boys from Longford then went down
By the Gaels from old Kildare
Offaly next their best did field
And it was a treat to see
The Lily whites proved superior
And brought home victory.

The final test in dear Croke Park
It was a grand display
Against the boys of Wexford
Who led early in the play
A shout of joy went to the sky
As the ball sailed through the air
The Leinster crown once more is won
By the Gaels from old Kildare.

God bless our Leinster champions
The boys to do and dare
The Gaelic flag is raised again
O’er the county of Kildare
So on Kildare to higher fame
Bring back the old renown
March with the spirit of the Gael
To win All-Ireland’s crown.

P. Mac C. Kildare beat Wexford 2-11 to 1-8 in the Leinster final but lost 0-5 to 0-9 against Cork in the All-Ireland semi-final.


1958: KILDARE 3-10, KERRY 1-0

Some ballads have been written
Many famous stories told
Of the Lily Whites’ encounters
With the Kingdom’s Green and Gold.

Here then let me add another
In this brand new year of grace
Just to know what happened Kerry
When they came to play at Naas

They strongly represented
Well Known stars they had galore
Dowling Lyne and Paudy Sheehy
Men who seldom miss a score

But the Lily Whites were waiting
Like a well-trained army troop
They had conquered Cork and Wexford
Two more games to win the group.

Ere the ball was long in motion
It had struck the Kerry net
And they drove in two more beauties
Kingdom folk won’t soon forget.

Brilliant marksman, young O’Malley,
Showed them how to take the frees
As he sent them soaring over
With such confidence and ease

Now the Munstermen was worried
For their stars had failed to shine
On the goal their final tally
Passed short grass full-back line.

Can it be that noble spirit
Of great Gaels long gone to rest
Like the late Paul Doyle and Higgins
Is now being manifest.
We are hoping now and praying
From Maynooth down to Athy
That this Lily White revival
Will not flicker out and die.

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