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St. Conleth  


“Brigid’s Artificer”


  • First Name :                 Roincenn  
  • Surname:                      Conleth, Conlath, Conlaeth, Conlaith, Conlaid, Conlian. 
  • Date of Death:              3rd May 519/520 A.D.  
  • Bishop of Kildare:         Prior to 480 AD  
  • Feast Day:                    3rd May


  • Lived as a recluse in a cell at Old Connell on the banks of the Liffey.  
  • He was a metalworker and made religious objects from gold and silver. Said to have made the crozier which belonged to St. Finnbharr of Termon Barry in Connaught .  
  • Said to be an illustrious man, adorned with every virtue, and that the Almighty had been pleased to effect great wonders on him. 
  • Visited St. Brigid and her nuns in nearby Kildare and stayed for a number of days. Shortly after this visit Brigid chose Conleth as Bishop of Kildare.   
  • St. Brigid gave his vestments of many colours, which were made in , to the poor.  
  • Killed by wolves on his way to possibly in Wicklow.  
  • Was buried close to where he died then moved to Cathedral in Kildare on right of alter, upon her death Brigid was buried on the left.  
  • The shrines of Brigid and Conleth were raided by Danes in 836 and either his remains or relics were then buried at Connell.

     Source; Lives of Irish Saints Vol V. By The Rev John O’Hanlon M.R.I.A.



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