by jdurney on August 23, 2013

The Gathering

For many years the Irish were forced out of their home

And like the wandering nomad’s they started to roam

In far foreign countries a living to find

With thoughts of their family’s and homes on their mind


America, Australia, and Great Britain, too

We’re glad of the Irish and what they could do

And in Argentina a man called Tom Brown

Said “Stand up like the Irish and don’t be put down.”


So in that great country so far far away

They still honour that man to this very day

And even in America the great USA

When their civil war started sure we had our say


As you see around the world we’re held in esteem

Sure there’s no place on earth that we haven’t been

We have our own problems as you understand

But when someone else calls we lend them a hand.


In sport or in business we have a great name

Our music and dancing sure it’s just the same

And be it at home or far far away.

The world wants to be Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day


Our poets and our scholars are also well known,

As they speak form the heart about country and home

So when you meet the Irish say it’s a soft day

For a smile and a handshake is the auld Irish way


The call has gone out to the Irish today

Please come home and help us this tax for us to pay

For the TD’s and bankers have brought us great shame

 And almost destroyed the Irish good name


I know we can count on you all for to come

Just think of the people who won our freedom

Oh, Lord I think they would turn in their grave

And try to come back our country to save


The year of the gathering is 2013

Let’s make it the greatest anyone’s ever seen

With pride in our heart once again we’ll walk tall

So Cead Mile Failte to you one and all.

Joe Kennedy, 2013.


Joe Kennedy has written a poem for Coill Dubh’s Gathering festival on Saturday September 14 2013 

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