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Buntus is a programme developed by the Irish Sports Council to support teachers and classroom assistants to deliver an easy to understand and fun introduction to sport, and to compliment and enhance the new P.E. curriculum in Primary Schools. Each school receives 2 bags of Sport & Play equipment and tuition worth over 1000 euro free of charge.

This programme represents an investment of €110,000 by the I.S.C. and K.S.P. in the development of Sport & Recreation in all the 105 Primary Schools in the County and will have catered for over 1,300 teachers and classroom assistants and over 26,500 pupils.

The F.A.I. have a Buntus Programme specifically designed to encourage children to engage in soccer from an early age and we have delivered this to 82 schools to date catering for over 950 teachers and over 16,000 children.

Buntús Start is a comprehensive physical activity programme for children aged 2-5 years old.  It has been designed for use in pre-school settings so that pre-school and playgroup leaders can provide a wide range of learning opportunities for young children to develop their fundamental motor skills, manipulative skills, co-ordination and balancing skills and develop a positive attitude to physical activity.

 Buntús Start helps adults working with children to establish positive attitudes to activity and a healthy lifestyle through enjoyable activity with children.  Buntús Start offers a combination of adult-initiated and child-led activities and enables adults to choose and plan appropriate activities as well as giving children opportunities to freely select and explore. 

 Buntús Start offers a wealth of physical learning opportunities to enable children realise their potential and to become active and independent learners through play.  Buntús Start activities help children’s learning in other curriculum areas by supporting and developing the following:


  • Personal, social and emotional well being
  • Social and creative skills
  • Attention skills and persistence
  • Language and communication
  • Reading, writing and maths
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Creative development

Buntús Start Training Programme:

 Participants are invited to attend an initial four hours training programme with a further 4 hour follow up approximately 6-8 weeks after the programme is used in the pre-school.  The objectives of the training is that by the end of the session participants would:

  • Have an appreciation of the Buntús equipment
  • Be familiar with the Buntús Start resource cards, their format and layout, and their use with pre-school children
  • Be able to extend their understanding of fundamental motor skills
  • Be able to develop their understanding of inclusion and safe practice

 At the end of the training session, each participating centre will be provided with a set of resource cards and a Buntús Start bag.

 For further information please contact; Kildare Sports Partnership, Level 5, Aras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Tel 045 980546 email ksp@kildarecoco