Abie Philbin Bowman

Abie Philbin Bowman is a "hack of all trades” - broadcaster, writer and stand-up comedian. He hosts the RTE podcast Humans of Politics where he interviews politician about the personal and emotional impact of their job. His comedy debut Jesus: The Guantanamo Years sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe, toured on three continents, and was boycotted by the DUP. Subsequent shows include: Eco-Friendly Jihad, The IMF vs Jedward and Don’t Kiss Me. I’m Irish. We’re Probably Related.

He’s a regular on RTE Radio 1 and has written for and starred in satirical shows Irish Pictorial Weekly and Callan’s Kicks. He was a finalist on Ireland’s Celebrity Mastermind, where he chose to answer questions on Monty Python’s Life of Brian and “The Stupidity of Fr Dougal McGuire”.

He's the only Western comedian idiotic enough to have performed religious comedy in Pakistan, during a State of Emergency. The night Barack Obama was elected, Abie scooped CNN, the BBC and Reuters by interviewing the Ku Klux Klan, about the most humiliating defeat in their long and colourless history.

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