Ellen Dillon

Ellen Dillon is a poet and teacher from Limerick.  Her books and pamphlets include Heave (Smithereens Press, 2018), Sonnets to Malkmus (Sad Press, 2019), Achatina, achatina! (2019, SoundEye Press) and Excavate (Poems after Pasolini) (2020, Oystercatcher Press). Her most recent book, Morsel May Sleep was published by Sublunary Editions in June 2021.

She also edited the Free Poetry Irish Anthology (Free Poetry, 2017) and her essays and reviews have appeared in Jacket 2, Zarf, Golden Handcuffs Review, Hix Eros and the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry. She teaches English and French in a secondary school in south county Limerick.

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