Ryan Dennis

Ryan Dennis is the author of The Beasts They Turned Away, published by époque press in March 2021. Described by The Irish Times, as “rewarding in its strange beauty,” the novel follows an aging Irish farmer as he tries to keep his farm and his sanity while caring for a small boy who may be cursed. Like much of Ryan’s writing, it attempts to explore the dynamics of a modern rural existence.

Ryan is a former Fulbright Scholar in Creative Writing and has taught the subject at the University of Education, Schwäbisch Gmünd in Germany and the National University of Ireland, Galway. In 2019 he received a PhD in English at NUI Galway, with a concentration in creative writing. In addition to appearing in numerous literary journals such as Threepenny Review, Cimarron Review, New England Review, Fourth Genre and The Milk House, an online initiative to showcase the work of those writing on rural subjects in order to help them find greater audiences. Presently, he is a 2021-22 Writer-in-Residence at Maynooth University.

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