About Us
We are a non-profit, non-partisan organisation aimed at targeting the needs of the Youth in our vicinity. Any issues young people feel strong about or any ideas they may have can be voiced through the parliament.

Councilor Timmy Conway founded the Youth Parliament in 1997. He came up with the idea based on the youth parliaments he was introduced to upon his stay in America. The parliaments there are; allowed pass legislation that is applicable to the youth thus giving them an interest in politics and a means by which they can have their say in issues that effect them. Timmy thought the idea so good he adopted it himself.

How meetings are conducted
The Parliament meets every Monday in the local town hall. The secretary based on the minutes from the last meeting documents the agenda of the meeting. A copy of both the minutes of the last meeting and the current agenda is passed to each member. The meeting normally based on the agenda. Once the agenda has been dealt with members of the parliament are asked to suggest new ideas and report on issues they feel the youth of the town would be most concerned with.


Sub Committee Meetings:
These meetings are to arrange a town clean up, disco's etc. The sub committee arranges a time and venue to suit the members of that sub committee. They have the power to co-opt other students to assist them. The parliament consists of various representatives from each school listed as follows Back to Top

St. Mary's Convent
Naas Christian Brothers
Community College