Stepping Stones to a Greener Garden

Stepping Stones to a Greener Garden

The Bog of Allen Nature Centre was celebrating World Environment Day on June 6th and people were invited to come along between 10am-4pm and discovered how to create a greener garden for their homes.

World Environment Day is an initiative of the United Nations that aimed to raise awareness and encouraged us to take action for the protection of our environment. The Irish Peatland Conservation Council was celebrating this international day as part of Féile an Dulra, an annual festival of nature held at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre was supported by Kildare County Council. This free event guided visitors through the stepping stones for creating a wildlife friendly garden. It included tips on how to compost, rain water harvest and create habitats to increase the diversity of wildlife using your garden. Throughout the day got hands on by dipping for the variety of freshwater life in the ponds at the centre, searched for frogs and newts under the cryptozoic traps hidden within the long grasses and watched butterflies and bees come and source nectar from the variety of flowers that you could have also choose to grow in your garden.

Michelle Walsh a student from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology who is currently carrying out a five week work experience at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre encouraged others to come along and joined her in exploring the wildlife gardens at the centre "I was so excited for World Environment Day at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre and learned new tips and tricks to use in my garden at home this Summer. Knowing how wildlife can support the natural control of pests in my garden, I'm looking forward to moving away from using chemical controls and creating a healthy garden".

If you did not make Tuesday 6th June, there will be plenty of opportunities this Summer to visit the Bog of Allen Nature Centre. Visit and follow the link to the events page where you will find a full list of events this Summer at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre.

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