Mindfulness Meditation Courses 2018

Mindfulness Meditation Courses 2018

8 week mindfulness meditation course in Naas Community centre. Presented in a fresh and practical way for use in everyday life

Learn about how meditation and mindfulness can help us deal with life's stresses and anxieties. Discover ways to relate differently to our negative, critical thoughts and the rainbow of emotions we experience. Learn how to cultivate more self-acceptance, compassion and to simply be ore at ease with ourselves.

Presented in a fresh and practical way for use in everyday life, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to beginning a meditative practice and importantly to use mindfulness and breath work at any time.  Because breath works!

Mindfulness Meditation 8 Week Course
Morning Course: Tuesday 23rd January, 9.30am – 10.30am
Evening Course: Wednesday 24th January, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Experience a wide variety of Mindfulness Meditations from the beginning with a small group.

Text/call for further information 085 1473483 or to provisionally reserve your place

"Mindfulness and Tea"
For those who have already developed a meditation practice and would like to meet and meditate occasionally or regularly with a small group, I facilitate a “Meditation and Tea” 1 hour session twice a month on a Saturday morning at 10am.  If you are interested please call, you are very welcome to join us.  There’s no commitment, I simply text the group a few days beforehand to see who’s available to come along.

More information at evelynhainsworthcounselling.ie/upcoming-events

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