Kildare Census 2016 Profiles Launched in Athy

Kildare Census 2016 Profiles Launched in Athy

Where were you on Sunday 24th April 2016? You may not remember but that information has been captured forever in national Census data.

Local data is now available in reports published by researchers at Maynooth University. 

The AIRO unit at Maynooth University delivers research, analysis and mapping tools to public and private sector clients in Ireland and abroad. This data supports core business activities like resource allocation, planning and development. 

Kildare's Local Community Development Committee recognises AIRO’s expertise in this area and works closely with it to produce reliable baseline data to inform economic and community development. The committee recently commissioned a comprehensive review of social and economic conditions in Kildare, as reported in Census 2016. A very clear snapshot emerges from the six reports produced by AIRO and launched in Athy last week.

What is the current population of Kildare? What is the average age of its citizens?
How many primary schools are there in the County?
Where do most non-Irish nationals living here come from? How many jobs are located in Kildare?

You’ll find all of these statistics and many more in these beautifully-presented and very accessibly-written reports (answers below for those who are curious!)

Local Community Development Committee Co-ordinator Susan Bookle says, 'We're very lucky to have an internationally-recognised research facility like AIRO in County Kildare. These reports provide a clear and factual picture of the opportunities and challenges that we face and allow us to benchmark Kildare against other counties. We’ll use this data to support funding applications in key areas like youth services and to drive strategic development at local and regional level. It was a pleasure working with Justin Gleeson and Eoghan McCarthy from AIRO on this important publication'.

Committee Chairperson and Kildare County Council Chief Executive Peter Carey says, 'I’m delighted that we have these very valuable reports to help us in our work. The more evidence-based data that we use to inform our plans and processes, the more targeted our work becomes'. 

The Kildare Census 2016 Profiles are the result of a working relationship between Kildare County Council and Maynooth University that has huge potential for many stakeholders, especially those directly involved in the Local Community Development Committee.

That group includes the Health Service Executive, Education and Training Boards, Tusla, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Kildare Chamber of Commerce, Kildare Local Enterprise Office, Kildare Public Participation Network, County Kildare LEADER Partnership, the McVerry Trust and Kildare County Council itself. This data will add value to the work of these bodies and empower other service providers in the public, private and community sectors.

Professional synergy is a powerful force. We wish all partners in this alliance continued success in harnessing this dynamic energy. 

Answers: 222,504, 34.9 years, 100, Poland, 62,985

Request a free copy of the Kildare Census 2016 Profiles from or

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