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Leinster Leader Articles 1903:


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The Gordon Bennett Motor Race 1903


The following information is taken from the Leinster Leader Newspaper for 1903 and contains all the references to the Gordon Bennett Race for that year, as well as some material of general interest relating to roads and transport for that period. No reference to the race appeared in 1902. The material is published here by kind permission of the Leinster Leader.

The material was compiled and edited by Mario Corrigan of the Local Studies Department, Main St. Newbridge and painstakingly typed by Martina Thomas of Kildare Co. Library. It is published here in association with Kildare Community Network. Thanks also to Breda Gleeson, Co. Librarian, for her support and for the allocation of resources.

Research and promotion of the Gordon Bennett Centenary highlighted the importance of the work of the History and Family Research Centre, one of the principal aims of which, is easy access to primary/original source material such as the Leinster Leader Newspaper.

Original spellings are retained and errors identified by [sic]. The column headings are identified and the page number for each issue. If a line appears between the entries it means that the next item appears on the same page but in a different column or under a different heading.