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Short Grass Films Lucina Russell Newbridge 045 448318
Gerald Manley Hopkins Society   Newbridge
Brendan Lane Brendan Lane Newbridge  
Christy Moore Christy Moore Newbridge  
Crooked House Theatre Co. Ltd Peter Hussey  Newbridge 045 446612
Crooked Mice   Newbridge 045 446612  
Donal Lunny Donal Lunny Newbridge    
Kildare Youth Theatre Darren Donohue Newbridge 045 446612  
Larry Sweeney Larry Sweeney Newbridge 045 438462  
Liam Geraghty Liam Geraghty Newbridge
Luka Bloom Luka Bloom Newbridge  
Mary Healy Mary Healy Newbridge 045 436194
Patrician Premier Pipe & Brass Band Francis Kirke Newbridge 045 432174    
Paul Winters Paul Winters Newbridge  
Peter Agbabiaka Peter Agbabiaka Newbridge  
Rhiannon Niamh O'Brien Newbridge
Arc Designs Rosemary Burns Newbridge
Ross D Ross D Newbridge    
Scribblers Inc. Breda Parker Newbridge    
Simeon   Newbridge
Sort:  A to Z Towns Emails Websites
Record:  41 - 60 of 64

This listing has been compiled by the County Kildare Community Network

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