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Energy Awareness Week 1999

Energy Awareness Week (Sept 19 -25 1999) has just finished.
Energy Awareness Week is a chance for everyone to consider their own energy use, realise the degree to which their energy use is in their control and the extent to which they can benefit from being Energy Aware. Even if you didn’t hear about Energy Awareness Week at the time, you can still follow the Top 6 Tips issued by the Irish Energy Centre. (The Irish Energy Centre is an initiative of the Dept. of Public Enterprise and is supported by the EU through the Community Support Framework.)


Top 6 Tips

Lagging Jacket
A lagging Jacket properly installed on your hot water cylinder will keep water hotter for longer and will pay for itself in 2-3 months.

Attic Insulation
Attic insulation will keep in the heat in your home and will pay for itself in 2-3 years.

Draught Proofing
Draught proofing will extend the comfort zone in your home and will pay for itself in 1-2 years.

Heating System
Regularly maintaining and properly controlling your heating system will reduce consumption by 10% - 20%.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s) last up to 10 times longer and will use a fraction of the electricity used by standard bulbs.


Energy Efficient household appliances cost less to run and are kinder to the      environment. When buying appliances look for the energy label and choose   those which are rated A or B.

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