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Mr. Jelly went to the welly shop.
Mr. Jelly went to the welly shop
He had a smelly welly too.
He went to the well too.
He had a telly it was smelly too.
His head was a telly
He had a big belly too.
And his belly was jelly.
It was a smelly belly.



In the spring time birds sing
They fly around and flap their wings
In the spring time flowers grow
We cut the grass to keep it short
So we can run and play on swings.


Harvest Time

Plough in the sun,
Reap in the rain,
Mix soil and seed into one,
And bring forth autumn again.

Lynda Cosgrove


The word millennium means a span of 1000 years. With the year 2000 we end the second millennium and begin the third millennium. Why did our calendar start then? According to tradition Jesus was born about 2000 years ago. Many centuries ago in England at the Synod of Whitby (A.D. 663) people decided to start their calendar with the birth of Jesus. At that time the acronym A.D. was used (from the Latin words Anno Domini, meaning in the year of the Lord) A.D 2000 bears witness to the birth of Jesus Christ-though probably not the exact date of birth.

Before this, time in the Roman Empire had been computed from either the foundation of the city of Rome, Lunar calendars, or the date of the last consul.

It is also interesting to note that the decision to celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December was decreed by the Emperor Constantine ( the first Christian Emperor) and Pope Sylvester in the year 336 to replace the Roman pagan festival of Sol Invietus and the Saturnalia.


During Easter my friend Becky, my sister Stacey and I went to England with the scouts. We travelled by boat and bus. When we got there we stayed at a hostel. The first day we went to Alton Towers.

I went on the runaway train and my favourites were the tea cup rides and the frog hopper. The next day I went into Alton Towers again and I went into Toyland and the hippopotamus was really funny.

After that we went back to the hostel and we were playing in the pool room. The next day we went to the chocolate factory and we got loads of Cadburys chocolate bars. We also got on a car ride around the factory and the camera took photo of us. Then we went to see our photograph and Becky bought the photograph and Barry looked really funny in it.

We bought our own lunch in the café. I got some sandwiches. Next we went to WaterWorld and we were not able to swim but we had great fun in the water.We also went to Manchester’s Old Trafford football ground. On the last day we went on the bus to the ferry and when we got back my Mother was there waiting for Stacey and I. We had a lovely time and I’m looking forward to next year’s trip to Euro Disney.

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