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After my bath

I try, try, try

To wipe myself

Till I’m dry, dry, dry.

Hands and fingers and

Toes, two wet legs

And a shiny nose.

It would take less time

If I were a dog,

I could shake, shake, shake.


Laura Kelly, age 5, Timahoe



Good morning cat,

You’re in my yard,

Sniffing for a mouse.

You might as well give up

Because he’s hiding in the house.


Laura Kelly, age 5, Timahoe




Jokes Jokes Jokes


Q. What kind flour short elves buy?


A. Elf – raising flour.


Q. Which fruit do vampires buy?


A. Blood oranges.


Q. What do you do with a green ghost?


A. Wait until he’s ripe.


Q. why doesn’t it cost much to take Dracula out to dinner?


A. Because he eats necks to nothing.


Q. Why do skeletons drink milk?


A. Because it’s good for their bones.


Q. What do little devils drink?


A. Demonade.


Ghost: I live entirely on a diet of onions and garlic and I am very lonely.


Spook: No wonder!

By Orla Kelly, age 12, Timahoe

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