KCFC Golden Goal

KCFC Golden Goal will be launched for August 2015.

Prizes will be for (Each Game)

First Goal €75

Last Goal €75

0-0 Score €150

How does it work?

You purchase your ticked online via the links on our Facebook page and our Website.

(payment is via a safe and  SECURE portal on MyClubFinances.com)

Tickets are for 4 games and cost €10 – this covers 4 x pre-detemined games in weeks 1, 2,3 & 4 (that’s €2.50 per game)

Your Goal times for each game will be randomly generated and emailed back to you.

The Winning Goal times will be taken from the BBC Sports Website as determined by KCFC committee.

Terms and Conditions will apply.

KCFC will determine the games and in the event of a fixture cancellation or abondoment will choose another game (usually the next game fixture on the list sorteded alphabetically)


Golden Goal Web

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