The Military College  




The Military College 

The Military College provides career and role related training and education for Officers and NCOs of the Defence Forces on an ongoing basis.

The Schools of the Military College

Command and Staff School (C & S)
The Command and Staff School conducts Command and Staff Courses for both national and international students, supports the educational development of all senior officers, contributes to the development and maintenance of a doctrine that guides the Defence Forces, in order to enable senior officers to plan and conduct operations throughout the full military spectrum, in fulfilling national tasks, UN tasks, or other international tasks, authorised by the United Nations. 


Cadet School 
The aim of the Cadet School is to conduct the standard cadet course in order to qualify cadets for appointment as officers in the PDF.
The Cadet School was established as part of the Army School of Instruction at The Curragh Training Camp in 1928 for the purpose of instructing selected young people intent on a full-time career as an Officer in the Permanent Defence Forces (PDF). 
Commissioning Ceremony

The first Cadet Class reported to the School on St. Brigid's Day 1928. Coincidentally, the feast day of the patron saint of Kildare. Thirteen cadets reported on that historic day and Comdt Hugh Lalor, a member of the first Cadet Class described the day as sleeting and snowing by turns. The Cadet School has had Cadets in training every year since.

The Cadet School has long been associated with ceremonial. The zenith of Cadet School participation in ceremonial must be the participation of the Cadets of the 37th Cadet Class at the funeral of President John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy, on his visit to Ireland was impressed with the drill of the Cadets of the 36th Cadet Class. It is believed that his interest in the Cadets at this ceremony prompted Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy to request the presence of Cadets at the funeral ceremonies in Arlington.



Military College Crest
The insignia originates in 1931 from a design by Maj Gen H McNeill and was adopted by the Military College in 1940




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