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Tidy Towns Competition 2013

Adjudication Report

Centre:    Ballymore Eustace                   Ref:    357

County:    Kildare                                       Mark:     290

Category:     B                                             Date(s):     03/07/2013

                                                                Maximum    Mark        Mark
                                                                Mark         Awarded  Awarded
                                                                                    2012           2013

Overall Development Approach               50                38               39
The Built Environment                              50                37               38
Landscaping                                              50                39               40
Wildlife and Natural Amenities                50                36               37
Litter Control                                           50                 35               36
Sustainable Waste And Resource Mgt.     20                 10               11
Tidiness                                                   30                 17               17
Residential Areas                                     40                 32               32
Roads, Streets and Back Areas               50                  32              32
General Impression                                  10                    8                8

TOTAL MARK                                    400                284            290

Overall Development Approach:
Ballymore Eustace is welcomed to the TidyTowns Competition for 2013.  Thank you for your entry, map and copy of your new three year plan and supporting documentation which was very helpful to the adjudicator.Your group of six people as per photograph (looking very happy together with a core of volunteers) are working well with Kildare County Council, Fas and other relevant agencies that supply you with support and assistance. 
You communicate well with the community through newspapers and media.  Try using social media, texting and email as it will save you time.  The local businesses and community play a necessary part in the committees work and their support and sponsorship is a vital ingredient to your success.  Thank you for your positive
feedback on the competition and the importance of the TidyTowns competition to the village.  Increasing membership to the committee can be a difficult task with many groups, but once continuous support from volunteers and the community is on-going the group will succeed.  Wishing you well with your calendar of events
and in particular the forthcoming gathering, a reunion of old school pupils is wished success.

The Built Environment:
The Built Environment of the village is made up of a mix of old and new buildings all blending well to make an attractive streetscape.  Your work on unoccupied buildings has made the streetscape neat and tidy and much more presentable.  Market square is an important part of the town structure featuring a nice water feature
and is well landscaped.  St. Johns Church of Ireland and graveyard looked well.  The Thatch Restaurant with nice window boxes looked bright and welcoming.  Other pleasant buildings included the Village Store, Health Centre and the Credit Union.  The Church and Montessori School beside were well presented.  The Parish Centre another important facility for the community together with the School, all was well landscaped, neat and tidy.  The village pump which is an important feature of most towns and villages also adds splendour to the streetscape.

The Landscaping throughout the village at Market Square with the water feature and landscaping of the Boat at the Liffey Bridge looked superb.  The Kilcullen Naas Road has a nice green area with pleasant bedding on the corner; wild flowers in this area were also admired.  Barrack Street is a particularly nice street with planting and trees.  The many window boxes and hanging baskets, the permanent and summer bedding plants which are part of the village landscape were noted and admired.  Looking at the photographs submitted with your entry the village looks very colourful during Autumn/Winter.  This type of planting is encouraged by the TidyTowns together with the planting of trees and hedging.  Well done to the winner of the best small garden in your competition which is situated at St. Brigids Park.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities:
The walk along the river is a lovely amenity for the community.  Entering the walk from Assumpta Terrace the adjudicator had a pleasurable walk along the river enjoying the nature of the river and the surrounds.  The proposed new wildlife interpretive signage for the river walk would add greatly to this lovely amenity.  The
wildflowers were also noted as was the wildlife on the river.  This is also an excellent facility for Scoil Mhuire and do include the schools in any future heritage or nature trails been developed.

Litter Control:
Litter in an on-going problem and hard to combat.  Creating awareness in the community and working with the schools is the right approach.  Conducting clean-ups in spring which include the community and school are important and also regular litter picks during the summer gets everyone involved.  Some groups have an “Adopt a road” with volunteers responsible for that road and it is working well.  The ‘clean-up after your dog’ signs were also noted.  On day of adjudication very little litter was noticed, with just a small amount in the square.  Well done on your work in this category.

Sustainable Waste And Resource Management:
Well done to the school on their achievements in the Green Schools Initiative.  The community are working closely with the school in reducing waste and this can help create awareness on the whole issue of waste.  The results of the survey should indicate areas where waste could be reduced.  The TidyTowns handbook offers useful information in this area.  Food is one of the areas where waste could be reduced.  Resource management in the areas of water, energy and transport can bring savings to the community.  Continue the work you are doing in this category concentrating on the top of the pyramid and look at ways of reducing.

Some area of untidiness was noticed, nothing too major.  Weed growth at kerbs and car park gives an untidy look.  In the square there was a sliding door which needs painting.  Across from Barrack Street railing or barrier needs painting, also 50km sign needs attention.  The bottle banks were reasonably tidy.  The work at Ball Alley entrance and Old Mill piers was noted.  Well done also on work at Assumpta Terrace, paling and hedging looks neat and tidy.  Road surfaces on the Baltinglass Road and the Church Road were uneven.

Residential Areas:
The many areas of housing visited were admired.  Liffey Heights /Liffey Court were all well maintained as was Assumpta Terrace which was well presented.  There were some lovely houses with nice window boxes and hanging baskets such as Hillcrest.  Barrack Street had lovely well maintained houses with nice landscaping. 
Rose Cottage and the house with the blue door looked well.  There was a lovely mix of single storey and two storey houses all adding their own uniqueness to the streetscape of the village.  Well done to all the residents for their work in this category, it shows they have pride in the village.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas:
As stated under tidiness there are some uneven road surfaces.  The resurfacing of Main Street was noted as was the new footpath and pedestrian lights near the school. Approach roads were well presented with neat grass verges.  Kilcullen/Naas Road had some nice bedding and wildflowers.  Nameplate signs for the village need to be put in place on all roads into the village.

General Impression:
Ballymore Eustace was a pleasure to visit and has the potential to progress further in the competition.  Thank you for participating and you are wished continued success.

Tidy Towns Competition 2012

Adjudication Report

Centre:          Ballymore Eustace                            Ref: 357

County:         Kildare                                              Mark 284

Category:      B                                              Date(s) 21/06/2012

                                                                Maximum  Mark        Mark
                                                                Mark         Awarded    Awarded
                                                                                 2011          2012
Overall Development Approach               50            38              38
The Built Environment                             50            36               37
Landscaping                                              50            39               39
Wildlife and Natural Amenities                50            36               36
Litter Control                                            50             34              35
Tidiness                                                     30             17              17
Waste Minimisation                                  20             10              10
Residential Areas                                      40             32              32
Roads, Streets and Back Areas                 50             32              32
General Impression                                   10              8                8

Total Mark                                              400            282            284

Overall Development Approach:
Welcome Ballymore Eustace TidyTowns Group to the 2012 TidyTowns competition. Your entry is very much appreciated.
Your entry form is concise and the additional document that accompanied your entry form made interesting reading. Your current 3 year plan runs until the end of this year so your next 3 year plan will be from 2013 – 2015. If you do any work from the end of this year’s competition in September next then include it as valid for the 2013 competition. Please include a copy of your new 3 year plan with next year’s entry form.
We note that your committee now has 5 members, a small enough number to tackle all of the work you have planned. Your committee meetings are adequate for your needs and we note that you are a sub-committee of the Ballymore Eustace Community Development Association.
The agencies and organisations from which you get support are diverse, which is good.
You use appropriate local media to communicate. Please enclose copies of newsletters, press cuttings, etc. that mention your TidyTowns activities with your entry. These may be taken into account when marks are being decided and will be returned to you when the competition is over.
Your engagement with the school is very good. The pupils can be a very useful resource to your Tidy Towns group.
You are fortunate to have such generous financial supporters. Well done to all of them.
Your events are noted.

The Built Environment:
The repairs to Pinkeen Bridge were seen. Well done. Clearing the roots and improving the walk were also noted. This adjudicator used the steps to get to the walk and thanks you for repairing the handrail.
Maintenance of street furniture, landscaping, etc. is of a high order.
Ballymore Eustace is a very pleasant village and its public buildings and other buildings of note are well presented. The Millennium Garden would grace any village or town and is very well maintained. The Millennium Garden also merits comment in the Tidiness and Roads, Streets and Back Areas categories.
St. John’s C. of I. and cemetery are important attractions, particularly for the 2 High Crosses. All are well presented, neat and tidy. The information board was read with interest. The old stone walls were admired.
The gate was unlocked which was very trusting given the references in your entry to vandalism.
Church of the Immaculate Conception is in a key location in the village. It was well presented, neat, tidy.
The Parish Centre looked well and had 2 raised flower beds adding summer colour. Scoil Mhuire was flying its Green Flag and its grounds were neat, tidy and well maintained. No litter. The Garda Station is well presented. The cottages on Barrack Street are eye catching with hanging baskets and flower pots.

The iconic landscaping feature is the rowing boat high and dry in its raised flower bed beside the bridge. It has a good floral display as cargo. There is nice landscaping at the Naas/Kilcullen Roads junction. Around the village there were planters with lots of flowers adding summer colour. Landscaping on approach roads will be dealt with in the Roads, Streets and Back Areas category. Your tree planting on the Kilcullen/Mount Cashel road was seen. You have a high maintenance workload which is often overlooked by visitors, and possibly some locals, when they stop to admire your landscaping.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities:
This adjudicator did the River Liffey Walk. The damage caused by such a small stream is awesome. It is an excellent amenity and hopefully it will be restored as soon as possible. Your wildlife flower planting along the walk is commended. The guided nature trail and heritage trail walks with the Scoil Mhuire pupils is also commended.

Litter Control:
The new “Clean up after your dog” and “No dumping” signs were seen. Litter outside shop on Chapel Street.
As mentioned earlier, please enclose with your entry form articles in the newsletter dealing with litter control.
Your clean up sessions and litter patrols are having the desired effect. There was very little litter in evidence in Ballymore Eustace on adjudication day. In your next TidyTowns entry please let us know the frequency of your litter controls. Well done to all involved.

This adjudicator concurs with the comments made by last year’s adjudicator that the direction signs on the pole at the Millennium Garden be relocated. They are obscured by trees and each other and are an eyesore, detracting from the Millennium Garden, one of the key features in the village.
The Recycling Centre was clean and tidy. Handball Alley was also clean and tidy. No litter. The blue hoarding on Main Street is unfortunate. Unfinished developments are a blight on many towns and villages but are a national problem and not the responsibility of TidyTowns groups. The presence of these unfinished developments do not have an adverse impact on your marks.
Barrack Street – bollards need to be cleaned.
Direction signs at the Poulaphouca approach road junction need to be cleaned.

Waste Minimisation:
Please consult the TidyTowns handbook for advice and tips on this category. The first action point given on the entry form for this category is “Promotion of best practice”. TidyTown groups are expected to be proactive in communicating with their community, both villagers and retailers, the principles of waste minimisation. The waste pyramid used in the entry form to illustrate the relative importance of each option shows that recycling is a less favoured option than minimisation. Minimisation is about reducing the amount of material, including food, that enters Ballymore Eustace and ends up as waste. It also includes reducing consumption of energy, water, etc. Use the parish newsletter and any other communications method available to you. Ask the TidyTowns Unit for the booklet Race against Waste. A useful web site is
You published a recycling information sheet please enclose a copy with next year’s entry form as it will be of interest to the adjudicator.
The Household Waste Survey carried out in conjunction with Kildare County Council and Scoil Mhuire pupils was an excellent initiative. Please say in next year’s entry form what action, if any, is being taken as a result of the survey’s findings.

Residential Areas:
Many of the projects you list in this category are more appropriate to other categories and have already been dealt with e.g. River Liffey Walk, damage to Pinkeen Bridge, vandalised hand rail, etc.
Residential areas seen by the adjudicator include:
Hillcrest – very well presented residential cul-de-sac. Grassed areas well maintained. Well done to all.
Residences on Chapel Street are well presented. Cottages on Barrack Street are eye catching.
Assumpta Terrace/St Bridget’s Park – these are hidden gems of Ballymore Eustace. Good landscaping.
Grassed areas well maintained. Some of the houses have attractive floral displays despite all of the rain this summer. Well done to all concerned.
Liffey Heights Court: grassed area well maintained. Some planters. Neat, tidy, no litter.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas:
Some of the road surfaces in Ballymore Eustace are poor including those near the Millennium Garden, a key feature in the village.
Footpath improvements noted.
Approach road from Poulaphouca: “Welcome to” stone and black and white village name sign on a nicely landscaped area at the junction, they combine to create a very good first impression of the village. It is a pity about the disused commercial premises nearby which is an eyesore.
Bishophill Road approach: residences on this road are very well presented. The adjudicator noticed an old red waterpump on the road side. Very good first impression. Road surface poor.
Approach on Coughlanstown Road: No Ballymore Eustace village sign. Well kept verges.
Naas Road approach: “Welcome to” sign on grass verge. Young trees. Not a great first impression.
L6053: no speed limit sign to define TidyTowns boundary. KTK Ltd entrance enhances the overall first impression.
Kilcullen Road approach: No village name sign.
Baltinglass Road approach: No village name sign. Used speed limit sign to mark TidyTowns boundary.
Average first impression.

General Impression:
The issues raised in your entry form have been noted and many have been commented on elsewhere in this report.
Ballymore Eustace TidyTowns Group has made further progress in the TidyTowns Competition. We look forward to receiving your new three year plan and your entry into the 2013 TidyTowns Competition.
Thank you Ballymore Eustace TidyTowns Group.

Tidy Towns Competition 2008
Adjudication Report

Centre: Ballymore Eustace             Ref:  357
County: Kildare                           Mark:  262
Category:   B                            Date(s):     07/07/2008                                                    

  Max.Mark Mark 2008
Overall Development Approach 50 33
The Built Environment 50 35
Landscaping 50 38
Wildlife and Natural Amenities 50 34
Litter Control 50 32
Waste Minimisation 20 5
Tidiness 30 16
Residential Areas 40 30
Roads, Streets and Back Areas 50 31
General Impression 10 8
Total Mark 400 262

Overall Development Approach:
NOTE : You were in Category C last year. You have applied for Category B this year. This is correct, as your population is within the B Category threshold as per Census 2006.

Go raibh maith agaibh go leir! Thank you to Ballymore Eustace TidyTowns and to the community you represent for having given selflessly of your time in working towards entering Ballymore Eustace in this 50th anniversary year of the TidyTowns Competition!
Ballymore Eustace is a small village with a good number of people involved on your committee. Your submission has been put together in a very professional format. It is most interesting, and informative, clear and extensive. You have drawn on the resources of many bodies, agencies and local businesses, including your local authority. You list these for us in your submission. Obviously they hold your group in high regard. You have an extensive media coverage organised. Thank you for letting us have copies of relevant media coverage. We hope that you communicate with all churches attended by any of your residents. Well done on your website. Thank you for submitting your five year plan. It is a pity that you did not detail the consultation process involved in drawing up your Plan. We assume that you held public meetings in this regard, but this is not clear from your submission, nor is it clear from the plan itself. We assume that you have launched your plan. We hope that it was well received. You appear to have listed specific projects for 2008 and 2009 only, with the rest included as "ongoing", presumably 2008-2013. Your school is a great resource for you. Thank you for enclosing the happy photograph of all your great helpers at Scoil Mhuire! We note your concern with the paperwork. We think that you have done "overtime” in this area! As you are starting out with a new plan, and as you are therefore engaging in a lot of paperwork now, the load should lessen. We hasten to say that it is appreciated and has helped us as adjudicators get to know the village well. The fact that it has all been submitted in A4 format has made it easier to use, and the fact that it is so well presented is also to your credit. So you can tell your members that it has been worth the effort! Your festivals are diverse, and you appear to have the edge on other places in Kildare when it comes to attracting in visitors with the festivals you can access. Thank you for submitting a clear map in your plan. However individual projects might be highlighted on a larger scaled map.

General News

Ballymore Eustace Residents 1911 (Census)

Residents of Ballymore Eustace Village (only) 2011

House 1911                 Type of              No in     Rooms      Windows    2011
No.     Occupier           Building              Family   Occupied   in Front

1     Kate Winder        Private dwelling       4         3               2
2     Patrick Golden     Private dwelling       1         2               2
3     Jane Finlan           Private dwelling       2         3               3
4     Henry Donnelly    Private dwelling        3        4               4
5     Sarah Doyle         Private dwelling        1        2               2
6     Joseph McBride   Private dwelling       4         4               3
7     Rose Anne Byrne Private dwelling        3        3               3
8     Catherina Halpin   Lodging House      10        5               5
9     Michael Fitzsimons Private dwelling      1        2               2
10   James Doyle         Cloth Shop              8        7               6
11   Courthouse
12   Sarah Burke         Private dwelling        3      10               5
13   Mary Anne Kelly  Private dwelling        1        2               2
14   Peter McLoughlin Private dwelling        6        2               2
15   Martin Hayden     Private dwelling      10        5               3
16   Daniel Murphy     Public House            7        9               5
17   Charlie O’Neill     Private dwelling        7        6               9
18   Kate Hines          Private dwelling         2        6              6
19   Post office,Shop
20   Mary Anne Pollard Private dwelling      1        2              2
21   William Kelly       Private dwelling         5        4              4
22   James Smyth        Private dwelling        6         3              5
23   James Shannon    Private dwelling         6        3              3
24   John J Byrne        Public House             7      12            10
25   Dispensary
26   Richard Hines     Private dwelling           3       7              5
27   Mary Purcell       Public House              2      10              5
28   Thomas Driver    Public House              4        8              6
29   Thomas Devoy   Private dwelling           2        3              2
30   Eliza Byrne         Lodging House            9        4              4
31   Anne Doran       Public House                6        7             5
32   Patrick Winder   Private dwelling            3     &nb
sp;  1             1
33   Margaret Loughlin Private dwelling         5        3             3
34   Thomas Fisher    Private dwelling            4        1             1
35   John Madden     Private dwelling            6         1            1
36   Margaret Hackett Shop                          2        3             1
37   Mary Norton     Private dwelling             1        5             4
38   George Gammall Shop                            9        8             6
39   Rev. F. Byrne    Private dwelling             2        8             8
40   Patrick Tracey   Private dwelling             8        1             2
41   Sarah O’Neill     Private dwelling             5        5             5
42   Mary C MacGuire Private dwelling         2        5             4
43   Butcher Shop
44   John Comerford Shop                            4        4             4
45   Gregory Doyle   Shop                            4        4             2
46   Thomas Deegan Private dwelling            9        3             1
47   Edw’d Stephenson Shop                        4        9             5
48   Dr. W.S. Dodd Private dwelling             4      12             5
49   Marie Homan    Private dwelling             4       5              5
50   Anne Devoy      Private dwelling             3       2              2
House 1911             Type of                    No in    Rooms      Windows
No.     Occupier       Building                   Family   Occupied   in Front

51   Thomas Kerry   Private welling               2       2              2
52   James Freeman  Private dwelling             4       2              2
53                            Private dwelling
54   James Deegan   Private dwelling              3       2              2
55   Eliza Keogh       Private dwelling             3       2              2
56   William Hughes  Private dwelling             1       2              2
57   George Whittle  Private dwelling              1       2              2
58   John Dolan        Private dwelling              8       2              2
59   Margaret Broughal Private dwelling         6        2             3
60   Bridget Whelan Private dwelling              4       2              2
61   Julia Connolly   Private dwelling               3       2              2<
br />62   Matt Travers    Private dwelling               4       2              2
63   John Devoy      Private dwelling               4       2              2
64   Patrick Devoy  Private dwelling               2       2              2
65   Kate Deegan    Private dwelling               1       2              2
66   Patrick Toole   Shop                               5       6              5
67   Edward Mary   Private dwelling               2       2              2
68   Joseph Devoy   Private dwelling               6       3              2
69   Paper Shop
70   Shop
71   Michael Berkly Public House                   5       4              8
72   George Farrell  Shop                               3       6              7
73   George McGuire Private dwelling            5        3              2
74   Mary A Molyneux Private dwelling          2       2              2
75   Winifred Gorman Private dwelling            4       2              2
76   John Purcell       Lodging House               5       5              3
77   George Allen     Private dwelling              3        3              3
78   Mary Quinn       Private dwelling              3       2               1
79   Mary McGarry  Private dwelling              2        1              1
80   Bridget Curley   Private dwelling              4       2               1
81   Ellen Devoy      Private dwelling               5       2              2
82   Eliza Walsh       Private dwelling              3        2              2
83   Annie Pender    Private dwelling              8        2              2
84   John Barrett      Shop                              2        2              2
85   William Hennessy Private dwelling         11        5              6
86   Margaret Devoy Private dwelling             6        3              2
87   R. C. Church
88   Arthur Corrigan Private dwelling              1        8              4
89   Unoccupied       Private dwelling
90   James Devoy     Private dwelling              8        3              3
91   Patrick Whittle   Private dwelling              2        3              2
92   Michael Dwyer   Private dwelling             7        4              3
93   Mary Anne Byrne Private dwelling           2        3              3
94   Anne Cox           Private dwelling             1    &n
bsp;   4              4
95   Michael Gregory Private dwelling             4        3              3
96   Mary Jordan     Shop                               6        8              5
97   Kate F Reid      Private dwelling               2        8              7
98   Frank Whittle    Private dwelling               8        2              2
99   Rev F McCarthy Private dwelling             3      14              7
100 Michael Hayden Private dwelling              2        2              2
House  1911            Type of                       No in    Rooms       Windows
No.     Occupier       Building                      Family   Occupied   in Front

101 Patrick Synnot   Private dwelling              2        6               9
102 John King          Private dwelling              2        4               4
103 Patrick Kerry    Private dwelling               3       2                2
104 John Hayden     Private dwelling               5       2                2
105 Margaret Carroll Private dwelling             4        3               2
106 Bridget Nolan    Private dwelling              2        3               2
107 John Geoghegan Lodging House              9        6               2
108 James Kelly       Private dwelling              6        2               2
109 Bridget Dwyer   Private dwelling              1        2               2
110 Kate McDonald Private dwelling             1         1               1
111 Margaret Byrne  Private dwelling             2         3               4
112 Thomas Malone  Private dwelling            1         2               2
113 Patrick Doran    Private dwelling             2         6               5
114 Patrick Doyle     Private dwelling             2         3               2
115 Thomas Arthury Private dwelling           15         4               3
116 Unoccupied       Private dwelling
117 Robert Doran    Private dwelling             4         2               2
118 James McGrath Private dwelling             1         1               2
119 Sergt. Mc Guirk R.I.C. Barrack             1         6               6
120 Protestant Church
121 Band Room
122 Market House
123 Woollen Mill
124 Unoccupied      Private dwelling
125 Unoccupied      Private dwelling
126 Unoccupied      Private dwelling
127 Unoccupied      Private dwelling
128 Unoccupied      Private dwelling
129 Unoccupied      Private dwelling
130 Unoccupied      Private dwelling


General News

Flooding at Riverwalk & Scoil Mhuire 2009 & 2011

Following heavy rain on Saturday/Sunday 28/29th November 2009 flooding and damage occured to the Riverwalk and Scoil Mhuire. The following photographs taken after the worst of the flooding gives some indication of what happened.




General News

Flooding at Riverwalk & Scoil Mhuire 2009 & 2011

Following heavy rain on Saturday/Sunday 28/29th November 2009 flooding and damage occured to the Riverwalk and Scoil Mhuire. The following photographs taken after the worst of the flooding gives some indication of what happened.




General News

Ballymore Eustace Film Location

TITANIC: BLOOD AND STEEL.  Russborough House November 2011             Kevin Zegers, Chris Noth & Neve Campbell on the set of the new TV series “Titanic: Blood and Steel” at Russborough House, Ballymore Eustace.  The series will chronicle the building of the Titanic, beginning the early 1900s in Belfast and depicting how the ship was handmade in a city on the edge of revolution. Noth will portray financier J.P. Morgan while Campbell will play a journalist covering the ship’s first voyage to New York City. Zegers will be a metallurgist who discovers some serious flaws in the quality of the metal being used to build the ship.

The 12-part series will air in 2012, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage to NYC. It has yet to receive U.S. distribution rights. The mini-series has an estimated budget of $28,000,000

Filming in Phil Murphy’s Pub 11th October 2011

RTE Nationwide team filming in Ballymore Eustace Village 30 September and 3rd October 2011

Filmed in Parish of Ballymore Eustace and surrounding areas

Meteor Mobile Phones Ad. November 2010. Scene at Ballymore Eustace GAA Football Ground with Ballymore footballers and spectators in background as Meteor user phones friend in London while watching football match.

Vodafone Ad. 2009 Street scene at Weavers Row, Ballymore Eustace featuring postman and door colours. 

BAYWATCH IRISH STYLE (2007) Scene at Mick Murphy’s Pub, Ballymore Eustace

Budweiser TV Ad.

LASSIE (2005)  Scene at the River Liffey, The Bridge, Ballymore Eustace
Released 1st September 2006

Director    Charles Sturridge

Writers Eric Knight (novel) & Charles Sturridge

Samantha Morton as Sarah Carraclough Jonathan Mason as Joe Carraclough
Peter O’Toole TheDuke Gabrielle Lloyd Miss Branson
Hester Odgers Cilla Paul Meade Policeman
Gerry O’Brien Watson Susie Lambe Martha (as Susie Lamb)
Steve Pemberton Hynes Jemma Redgrave Daisy
Eamonn Hunt Alf Patterson Terence Orr Butler
John Lynch Sam Carraclough Alec Heggie Truck Driver
Jim Roche Miner

MALICE AFORETHOUGHT (2005) (TV) Scene at Factory Gate, Ballymore Eustace
Released 3rd April 2005

Director    David Blair

Writers Anthony Berkeley (novel) & Andrew Payne (screenplay)

Ronnie Masterson


Miss Janet Wapworthy

Joseph Beattie


Denny Bourne

Phyllis Ryan

Miss Adele Peav

Orla O’Rourke

Gwynfryd Rattery

Fiona O’Shaughnessy


Richard Armitage

William Chatford

Barbara Flynn

Julia Bickleigh

Niall Buggy

Rev. Hessary Torr

Ben Miller

Dr. Edmund Bickleigh

Ger Ryan

Constance Torr

Megan Dodds

Madeleine Cranmere

Gemma Reeves


Peter Vaughan


Lucy Brown

Ivy Ridgeway

Kate O’Toole

Mrs Ridgeway


KING ARTHUR (2004) Scenes at Mountcashel, Ballymore Eustace
Released 7th July 2004

Director   Antoine Furua

Writer David Franzoni

Clive Owen



Stephen Dillane



Ioan Gruffudd


Stellan Skarsgard


Mads Mikkelsen


Til Schweiger


Joel Edgerton


Sean Gilder


Hugh Dancy


Pat Kinevane


Ray Winstone


Ivano Marescotti

Bishop Germanius

Ray Stevenson


Ken Stott

Marius Honorius

Keira Knightley


General News

Repairs to Liffey Bridge, Ballymore Eustace

Repair work to vandalised stonework on Liffey Bridge, Ballymore Eustace

Vandalised June 2009, Repaired January 2011


Kildare County Council traffic control in operation


Damaged section of old stone wall cleaned up and ready for repair work.


Getting Ready



Stonemason selecting the right stone


Repair to Liffey Bridge wall (roadside) completed


General News

The Judgement of Ballymore and Other Poems

The Judgement of Ballymore
(From The Parish Chronicle 2000)

Lack of space prevents inclusion of the complete version of The Judgement of Ballymore. It is a mini epic poem, suggestive of Goethe’s ‘Damnation of Faust’. I was baffled by the popularity of ‘The Judgement’ until I learned that the author was the Sergeant of the R.I.C., aided and abetted by Dick Hynes who suggested the names of the various ‘characters’ worthy of damnation.
No greater honour could be conferred on an Irishman than to be branded as a felon by the R.I.C. The Royal Irish Constabulary were England’s eyes and ears for the suppressionof natural aspirations. The complete version, words and music, may be had from Tom Nugent, Bishophill.
As a postscript to the epic, I have composed a couple of doggeral verses. Perhaps some local poet will improve on my feeble attempt. (Chronicle author’s note)

The Judgement of Ballymore

One evening by a little brook in romantic Ardenode,
Beneath an old oak tree I sat, in tired and dreamy mood.
I soon fell into slumber deep and had a vivid dream,
A vision I shall ne’er forget down by the babbling stream.
It’s imprinted in my memory fast, for I dreamt it oe’r and oe’r,
That St. Peter stood on Mount Cashel Hill to judge all Ballymore.
Sitting on the judgement throne with an angel by his side,
He gazed upon the multitude that covered acres wide.
St. Peter said “I have come to judge, in accordance with my promise,”
And the angel’s trumpet sounded forth, “Come forward Driver Thomas.”
And then a big and brawny man, unwashed, unkempt, uncouth,
Came up to hear the escapades of his wild and sinful youth,
The list was long and varied and St. Peter’s brow grew dark,
And darker, sterner still, it grew as he made this remark.
“The sentence it’s a hard one but the only one that suits,
So take yourself to Hell out’f this and put laces in your boots.”
Then down below poor Thomas goes to the unrelenting flames
And the angel’s trumpet sounds again- come forward Carney James.
Then a thick and low set man came up, in slow and faltering style
And stood before St. Peter’s throne with a broad and comic smile,
But that smile soon turned to fear and dread, his tan skin turned pale,
His fingers worked convulsively, and his knees began to quail.
St. Peter said “your sins are black and very wicked too,
Your good deeds have been very goood but very very few,
So down you go to the pits below to the darkest deepest tunnel.”
And the angel’s trumpet sounds again- come forward Thomas Fennan.
Tom Fennan came with faltering step, with slow and slouching gait
And stood before St. Peter’s throne to hear his sins and fate.
St Peter asks, “What have you done to earn Heaven’s reward?”
“I can’t remember anything, but pardon me O Lord.”
St Peter said, “Your face shows signs of many a parting glass,
Many an old rum yarn too, and many a winsome lass,
Of precious evening squandered in wild company at the Fall
And many a hard fought game of cards and many a midnight brawl.
To Purgatory for one hundred years for your black sins to atone”
Poor Fennan heard his sentence with a most unearthy groan
And as he left for the fiery pits the crowd sang Auld Lang Syne,
And the angel’s trumpet sounds again, “Come forward now George Brien.”
With an ashplant in his left and a caubeen in his right
George Brien came from the multitude into the judgement light.
And there he stood with a pious look upon his pious face
And in a few well chosen words began to state his case.
“I always took a pint or two and sometimes a little half one,
And if a neighbour joined me he was welcome too to have one.
I never injured anyone though I always took a sup
But don’t send Bill Kane to Purgatory till he sends me back my pup.”
“You’ll want no pups in Purgatory, for there you’ll surely go.”
And the angel’s trumpet sounds again,
“Come forward Michael Keogh.”
St. Peter looked at Michael with a hard and stern frown.
Mike’s features turned and twisted like the antics of a clown.
“I won’t waste words condemning you, you’re simply steeped in sin.
I’ll wire the devil to see if he will take you in.”
Then the angel’s trumpet sounds again, another long reveille
Sounding clear on the evening air, calling up ‘Trips Kelly’.
Trips looked a little frightened but still he bore up well,
Stepping smartly to the front, making the left foot tell.
He looked up at St. Peter with a most bewildered stare,
And in a hoarse and trembling voice he answered “I am here.”
“I’m sending you,” St. Peter said, “where you’ll not have peace or joy.”
And the angel’s trumpet sounded clear, “Come forward Bill Conroy.”
Bill answered quickly to his name and promply took his place
Looking round for inspiration with a grimace on his face.
“Ther’s not a sin on the calendar but it’s here before your name
Which clearly shows that religion has never been your aim.
The corporal works of mercy you never even tried,
But skinned your neighbours while they lived, and shaved them when they died.
Holy works of any kind you have always tried to shirk,
So now you bear the consequences, stand over on the left.”
Then a silence fell on the multitude, not a sound, not a sigh, but hark!
Hear what the trumpet is sounding, “Come up here quick, Jack Clarke.”
As Jack hurried up to stand his trial, the hat from his head he tore,
And looked around suspiciously, like an ox at the slaughter-house door.
He scratched his poll in perplexity and dolefully shook his head,
And St. Peter opened his book again and this is what he read,
“Many the sinful hour you spent on the famous flowery lawn
And attended many a cock-fight too, at the early streaks of dawn.
In business deals you’ve been straight enough, you never did anything shady,
But you’ve broken the ribs of many a man and the heart of many a lady.
To Purgatory for twenty years for you unremitted sins,
And when those twenty years are up a better life begins,
You can come with me to my Heavenly home with all your sins unladed.”
And the angel’s trumpet sounds again, “Come forward Martin Hayden.”
“You’ve been a man,” St. Peter said, “of hard and honest labour,
But you’ve had a cruel and bitter tongue that never spared a neighbour.
The malice of that bitter tongue has travelled far and wide
And in all your conversations many reputations died,
Tainted with an atmosphere where foul suspicicion floats
So Heaven is now debarred from you, stand over with the goats.”
Then sounds of awe ran through the crowd like the sound of a swelling sea,
And the angel’s trumpet sounds again, “Come forward Pat Magee.”
The recording angel took his book and read Pat’s offences out,
And the dark look on St. Peter’s face left very little doubt.
That Pat’s journey was a downward one to the fiery pits below.
“Stand over to the left,” he said “with that hardened sinner Keogh.”
Then cries of mercy rent the air from a sympathetic crowd,
And prayers were offered earnestly in accents clear and loud,
But the angel called for silence by raising up his wing ,
And sounds his trumpet loudly for George Allen and John King.
Allen was first to answer and his crutch he slowly wields,
John King came pounding after, quite close on Allen’s heels.
“This leg of mine,” George Allen says, “has kept me well in bounds,
And in this world of care and strife I’ve had my ups and downs.
I always took a pint or two but nevered squandered much,
My sole support since early life was this old worn crutch.”
John King chimes in, “As you’re talking George why dont you speak for two,
As far as legs and crutches go, I’m in the same boat as you.”
“Wait until your turn comes,” said George, “and please let me alone,
I’ve enough to do with you misdeeds to think of half my own.”

Before the dreamer woke from sleep, one final blast was sounded.
St. Peter’s words rang loud and clear, the Sergeant was dumbfounded,
” For Thomas and Tom and Trips and Jack, there are rooms reserved in our mansion,
But the R.I.C. must ment their ways, or pay one hell of a ransom.”

The ghost of that Sergent haunts Mount Cashel, pleading for mercy from the men he condemned.
Mick Shannon once heard his skeleton rattle and breathed a prayer that his penance might end.

If anyone has the complete version, words and music, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Finn McCool   The Winner at Punchestown, (Author unknown)

(Party piece of Kevin Burke, Captain of the successful 1953 Ballymore Eustace Senior GAA Football Team)

‘Twas Martin McDonagh who bought him, from a man at the Fair in Naas

And never an uglier object, was seen in a farmer’s place.

He was long and lanky and bony, with a head like a tinker’s mule

Yet he had such a style of stepping, that we called him Finn McCool.


But never a word said Martin, for he was the knowing one,

He foddered his colt all winter, and he cantered him here and yon.

A feather would knocked me over, when I heard one day in the town

That Finn McCool had been entered, for the Races at Punchestown.


Taking a drop to brace me up, I started into Maynooth,

There was twenty there before me, all anxious to know the truth.

And there sat deluded Martin, joking and playing the fool,

Telling stories about this and that, but nothing of Finn McCool.


Tipping a wink for myself to stay, he soon got rid of the lot,

And the missus came calling him to “come while the tay is hot.”

A cup was there for myself of course, and a plate of pancakes brown,

But what cared I for pancakes, when my thoughts were on Punchestown.


Martin went on to tell me, the pedigree of both grand sires of Finn

He was a bay descendant of all his famous kin

“The horse has his point” says Martin, “though his runs like a circus clown

But he stands to make me or break me at the Races of Punchestown.”


O Lord, it’s a terrible feeling, when every shilling you own,

Is bet on an ordinary animal that’s skin where he isn’t bone.

I couldn’t sleep a wink at night and the wife says “Felim O’Toole,

It’s below in the Carlow Asylum, you’ll finish with Finn McCool.


The day of the Races came, and Martin, meself and the horse

And Davy Lacy to ride him, were early upon the course.

“How much against Finn McCool” says I, and the bookie says with a grin

“Arrah 50 to 1 and the fun you’ll have, watching another one win.”


The horses came from the paddock, went down and got into a line

And burst like shots from a rifle, when the starter gave the sign

And lagging along behind them, came Finn McCool at a pace

That would shame any dacent donkey, for sale at the Fair in Naas.


“Go on ye devil ” I yelled at him, “go on and lift your feet

For all the horses that ever were born, I’ll shoot you this day if you’re beat.”

And Martin himself was yelling, and cursing him dead and blind

And the crowd were roaring and shouting “look at the one behind”


He heard us, by all the Gods above, for he shot like a frightened deer

When Davy Lacy the jockey digged him, from tail to ear.

Rearing and snorting and kicking, he clattered past horse by horse

You’d think the end of the world had come, with the roaring on the course.


With his big feet trashing like paddle wheels and his tail like a dory mast

He leapt over the wall and the double ditch till first in the field was past.

“He’s winning” I heard someone saying, the crowd all going wild

And Martin McDermott beside me, was crying like a child.


“Winning, of course he’s winning” says I and “there take that from O’Toole”

As I threw my hat in the bookies face that had laughed at Finn McCool.

“Faith Finn doesn’t know when to stop” says Kelly the vet from Clane

For having near jumped the judges box, Finn made for the hill again.


We followed him into the paddock, where the horses were weighing in

The devil the hair was turned, on the hide of the warrior Finn

As cool as his mighty name sake, who had never known defeat

He seemed to be winking “that Fenian lad is a mighty hard thing to beat”


The bookies paid us our money and the crowning joy of the race

Was counting my bag of money from the lad I hit in the face.

“Be careful” says I “me bucko, whenever your money is down

A lesson from Finn McCool you have, the winner at Punchestown”


General News

Poulaphouca Waterfall & Golden Falls Lake


Poulaphouca Waterfall and Alexander Nimmo Bridge 13th December 2009


Poulaphouca waterfall Sunday 13th December 2009BILD0284a.JPG


Flow in gorge downstream of waterfall Sunday 13th December 2009

General News

Poulaphouca Waterfall & Golden Falls Lake


Poulaphouca Waterfall and Alexander Nimmo Bridge 13th December 2009


Poulaphouca waterfall Sunday 13th December 2009BILD0284a.JPG


Flow in gorge downstream of waterfall Sunday 13th December 2009

General News

Church Restoration 1987-1991

Church1987a.BMP Church&Hall1987a.BMPChurch219872a.BMP            ChurchRoofScaffolding5.BMP ChurchAttic4.BMP ChurchRoofSpace6.BMP  Churchupstandguttera.BMP       ChurchRottenWallplatea.BMP