Aliens Invade Ballymore Eustace


At an ‘Alien Invasive Species Information Seminar’ organised by Kildare County Council Heritage Department on the 20th November 2008 concern was expressed that the spread of alien or non-native plants and animals was causing problems to Kildares native wildlife countryside, forestry, rivers and lakes. Mention was made of Japanese Knotweed which has already invaded Ballymore Eustace at The Strand, Factory and Oliver Plunkett Street. It can grow through tarmac, concrete in houses etc and can cause serious economic problems. It can spread from tiny fragments of the plant or root of the plant so on no account should it be cut or flailed to eradicate it. It can be killed by use of a systemic weedkiller such as Roundup.

Other alien species such as Giant Hogweed were mentioned and alarmingly for Liffey Anglers, that Zebra Mussels have now invaded the Grand Canal.

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