Competition Results

Angler of the Year 2015

Anvil Bar Shield 27/09/2015 Winner Fergus Nolan 1lb 4.9ozs (593g)

Runner-up Mick Mooney 1lb 4.2oz (572g)

Jim Bolger Trophy 23/08/2015 Winner Des Tyrrell 1lb 1.8ozs (505g)

Runner-up Gay Doody 9.3ozs (265g)

Eddie Gordon Shield 24/07/2015 Winner Mel McKenna 10.8ozs (305g) 

Runner-up Gay Doody 9 ozs (255g)

No junior weighed-in

The ‘Local’ Trophy 03/07/2015 Winner Gay Doody 13.9ozs (394g)

Runner-up Mick Mooney 12.2 ozs (345g)

Junior Winner Lee McMullen 6.6 ozs (186g)

Sonny Cowley Shield 19/06/2015 Winner Mick McCafferty 1lb 2ozs (526g)

Runner up Mick Mooney  12.3 ozs (349g)

Junior Winner Lee McMullen 6.5 ozs (185g)

Mick Murphy Shield 05/06/15 Winner Tony Sweeney 13.9 ozs (393g)

Runner-up Robbie Winder 12.3 0zs (350g)

No junior weighed-in

Committee Cup 22/05/15 Winner Mick Francis 15.5 ozs (440g)

Runner-up Des Tyrrell 14.1ozs (399g)

Junior Winner Lee McMullen 9.1 ozs (257g)

Tony McKnight Trophy 10/05/15 Winner Des Tyrrell 2lb 1.1ozs (938g)

Runner-up: Fergus Nolan 1lb 12.4 ozs; (804g)

Punchestown Festival 26/04/15 Winner:  Gay Doody9.1 ozs; (258g)

Runner up: Eamonn Winder 8.8 ozs; (249g)

No Junior weighed in

J & K Murray Cup 12/04/15 Winner: Fergus Nolan 2lb; (915g)

Runner up: Mick McCafferty 13.2 ozs; (374g)

Junior Winner Lee McMullen 8.1 ozs (236g)

Jimmy Evans Cup 22/03/2015 Winner: Joe Winder   13.5 ozs; (382g)

Runner up: Willie Ryan 6.7ozs; (191g)


Angler of the Year 2014


Anvil Bar Shield 28/09/2014 Winner Mick Francis 1lb 5ozs (613g)

Runner-up Fergus Nolan 1lb 1 oz (507g)

Jim Bolger Trophy 24/08/2014 Winner Mick Francis 2lb 2.4ozs (963g)

Runner-up Mick McCafferty 1lb 11ozs (756g)

Eddie Gordon Trophy 25/07/2014 Winner Gay Doody 1lb 2 ozs (537g) 

Runner-up Mel McKenna 8.9ozs (257g)

No junior weighed-in

The ‘Local’ Trophy 04/07/2014 Winner Gay Doody 12.1ozs (343g)

Runner-up Mel McKenna 12.0 ozs (341g)

Junior Winner Ben Noone 15.4 ozs (437g)

Sonny Cowley Shield 20/06/2014 Winner Mick Mooney 2lb 6 ozs (1082g)

Runner up Joe Winder 1lb 2 ozs (529g)

Junior Winner Lee McMullen 13.8 ozs (390g)

Mick Murphy Shield 06/06/14 Winner Mel McKenna 13 ozs (370g)

Runner-up Mick Francis 9.5 0zs (268g)

Committee Cup 23/05/14 Winner Tom Nugent 2lb 5 ozs (1052g)

Runner-up Mick Francis 14.8ozs (420g)

Junior Winner Lee McMullen 10 ozs (286g)

Runner-up Aaron Roony 8.2 ozs (233g)

Tony McKnight Trophy 11/05/14 Winner Mick Mooney 9.7 ozs; (276g)

Runner-up: Gay Doody 8.5 ozs; (242g)

Punchestown Festival 20/04/14 Winner:  Thomas Hanzel 12.1 ozs; (343g)

Runner up: Gay Doody 11.8 ozs; (335g)

Junior Winner Aaron Rooney 7.4 ozs (209)

Runner-up Lee McMullen 5.2 ozs (146g)

J & K Murray Cup 06/04/14 Winner:  Eamonn Winder 1lb 2.4 ozs; (523g)

Runner up: Gay Doody 11.9 ozs; (337g)

Junior Winner Aaron Rooney 5.5 ozs (157g)

Runner-up Lee McMullen 4.8 ozs (135g)

Jimmy Evans Cup 23/03/2014 Winner:   Stan Huilx  ozs; (469g)

Runner up: Joe Winder ozs; (410g)

Junior Winner Lee McMullen 233g

Runner-up Aaron Rooney 207g


Angler of the Year 2013: Gay Doody

Heaviest Trout of the Year 2013: Fergus Nolan
Pike Competition 01/12/13 Winner: 


Anvil Bar Perpetual Shield 29/09/13 Winner Fergus Nolan 2lb 5.3 ozs(1058kg)

Runner-up Mick Mooney 1lb 13.2 ozs (827g)


Jim Bolger Trophy 2/08/2013 Winner Mick Mooney 2lb 3.8ozs (1014kg)

Runner-up Mel McKenna 1lb 6.7ozs (645g)

Junior Winner Lee McMullen 6.5ozs (184g)

Eddie Gordon Trophy 26/07/2013 Winner Mick McCaffrey 15.4ozs (438g)

Runner-up James Noone 9.9ozs (281g)

The ‘Local’ Trophy 05/07/2013 Winner Gay Doody 1lb 2.6ozs (526g)

Runner-up Brian McDonagh 7.7ozs (219g)

Junior Winner Aaron Rooney 10.0 ozs (284g)

Junior R-up Lee McMullen 8.7ozs (248g)

Sonny Cowley Shield 21/06/2013 Winner Gay Doody 1lb 5.9 ozs (621g)

Runner up Mel McKenna 14.4 ozs (407)

Junior Winner Aaron Rooney 6.4 ozs (182g)

Mick Murphy Shield 8706/13 Winner Mel McKenna 8.4 ozs (237g)

Runner-up Mick Francis 8.1ozs (230g)

Committee Cup 24/5/13 Winner Gay Doody 1lb 3.2 ozs (543g)

Runner-up Des Tyrrell 12.8ozs (363g)

Tony McKnight Trophy 12/05/13Winner Mick Francis 1lb 12.5ozs; (808g)

Runner-up: Martin Keogh 1lb 1.5 ozs; (495g)

Punchestown Festival 21/04/13 Winner: Tomasc Hanzel 1lb 1.4 ozs; (492g)

Runner up: Gay Doody 14.6 ozs; (414g)

J & K Murray Cup 7/04/13 Winner: Gay Doody 1lb 1.5 ozs; (497g)

Runner up: Tomasc Hanzel 9.1 ozs; (259g)

Jimmy Evans Cup 24/03/2013 Winner: Martin Keogh 14.9 ozs; (422g)

Runner up: Gay Doody 10.4ozs; (295g)



Angler of the Year 2012: Gay Doody

Heaviest Trout of the Year 2012: Tom Nugent


Wt: 1.862kg (4lb 1.7ozs)     Length: 54cm (21ins)      Date of capture: 8/6/12
Landed by Tom Nugent at Johnny Murphy’s on the River Liffey using a brown sedge wet fly. (Record weight recorded in a club angling competition)

Result of Scale analysis carried out by Dr. William Roche, Senior Research Officer, Inland Fisheries Ireland.

“Examined all scales submitted and all were replacements. This means that no intact scale available for analysis. Two had some detail (age/growth pattern) for past five years. It is not uncommon for older fish to have many replacement scales present. The inner portion of the scale was occluded due to the fact of it being a replacement and does not show any of the early life history of the fish. However I have attempted to age the fish based on previous information for the Liffey.
Using an old formula for ‘condition coefficient = 10^6 (W lbs)/427 (L)^3’ where W is the weight in pounds, L is the length in inches and assuming a condition coefficient of 1 (i.e. good condition), I estimated that the fish was approx. 54cm in length. Length is important information when looking at growth. There was significant scale erosion evident on the scales (indicative of a spawning mark) indicating that it had spawned two years previously. Some less pronounced spawning marks visible also.
From the above and the scales I am guesstimating that the fish was 7or 8 + years old based on previous scale readings from other trout from the Liffey and other information. This would put it into the fast or very fast category for growth of brown trout in Irish rivers based on a classification system devised by Kennedy and Fitzmaurice (1971).”


Pike Competition 02/12/12 Winner: Mick Francis 11 lbs (5.0kg) 

Runner-up Paul McGlynn 8 lbs (3.6kg)

Anvil Bar Perpetual Shield 30/09/12 Winner Mick Francis 2lb 7.6 ozs  (1.123kg)

Runner-up Fergus Byrne 2lb 6.1 ozs (1.081kg)

Guinness ‘All Methods’ 26/08/2012 Winner Fergus Nolan 2lb 7.3ozs (1.115kg)

Runner-up Fergus Byrne 2lb 7.1ozs (1.11kg)

Eddie Gordon Trophy 27/07/2012 Winner Fergus Nolan 12.5ozs (353g)

Runner-up Brian McDonagh 12.3ozs (348g)

The ‘Local’ Trophy 06/07/2012 Winner Gay Doody 1lb 3.7 ozs (559g)

Runner-up Mel McKenna 14.2ozs (404g)

Sonny Cowley Shield 22/06/2012 Winner Gay Doody 1lb 6.9 ozs (649g)

Runner up Fergus Byrne 1lb 4.5 ozs (580)

Mick Murphy Shield 8/06/12 Winner Tom Nugent 4lb 1.7 ozs (1.862kg)

(Record heaviest trout weighed-in at a competition)

Runner-up Des Tyrrell 1lb 3ozs (540g)

Committee Cup 25/5/12 Winner Viktor Miske 1lb 6.3 ozs (632g)

Runner-up Fintan Smith 1lb 4.3ozs (592g)

Tony McKnight Trophy 6/05/12 Winner Martin Reynolds 1lb 11.1ozs; (769g)

Runner-up: Mick Francis 1lb 6.1 ozs; (626g)

Punchestown Festival 22/04/12 Winner: Gay Doody 8.0 ozs; (228g)

Runner up: Mick Mooney 6.1 ozs; (173g)

J & K Murray Cup 8/04/12 Winner: Mick Mooney 11.1 ozs; (316g)

Runner up: Trevor Winder 9.4 ozs; (267g)

Jimmy Evans Cup 25/03/2012 Winner: Gay Doody 5.9 ozs; (166g)

Runner up: Mick Mooney 3.8ozs; (108g)


Angler of the Year 2011: Trevor Winder

Heaviest Trout of the Year 2011: Fergus Nolan

Pike Competition 04/12/11 Winner: Barry Brosnan (Draw)

Runner-up Pat Dunworth (Draw)

Anvil Bar Perpetual Shield 25/09/11 Winner Fergus Byrne 1lb 13.6 0zs (838g) 

Runner-up Willie Ryan 1lb 8.9 ozs (706g)

Guinness ‘All Methods’ 28/08/2011 Winner Fergus Nolan 1lb 15.3ozs (888g)

Runner-up Trevor Winder 1lb 12.9ozs (820g)

Eddie Gordon Trophy 22/07/2011 Winner Mick Mooney 13.8ozs (390g)

Runner-up Joe Winder 13.6ozs (385g)

The ‘Local’ Trophy 08/07/2011 Winner Trevor Winder 12.6 ozs (357g)

Runner-up Tony Daly 7.8 ozs (220g)

Sonny Cowley Shield 24/06/2011 Winner Mel Mc Kenna 1lb 6.9 ozs (650g)

Runner up Michael McCaffrey 1lb 0.2 ozs (460g)

Mick Murphy Shield 10/06/11 Winner Michael McCaffrey 1lb 0.8 ozs (475g)

Runner-up Mick Francis 12.3 ozs (348g)

Junior Section Winner Glen Rooney 11.1 ozs (314g)

Committee Cup 27/5/11 Winner Martin Nugent 13.8ozs; (392g)

Runner-up Fintan Smith 11.3; (319g)

Junior Section Winner by Glen Rooney 6.9 ozs (195g)

Tony McKnight Trophy 8/05/11 Winner Trevor Winder 1lb 11.5ozs;  (779g)

Runner-up: Tom Nugent 1lb 10ozs;(736g) 3rd. Fergus Byrne 1lb 7.1oz (654g)

Punchestown Festival 1/05/11 Winner: Gay Doody 10.4 ozs; (296g)

Runner up: Liam Cox; 9.4 ozs; (266g)

J & K Murray Cup 10/04/11 Winner: Pat Dunworth 8.4 ozs; (238g)

Runner up: Tomasz  5.7 ozs; (162g)

Jimmy Evans Cup 20/03/2011 Winner: Liam Cox 1lb 1.8 ozs; (505g)

Runner up: Fergus Nolan 13.2ozs; (375g)

Angler of the Year 2010: Trevor Winder

Heaviest Trout of the Year 2010: Martin Keogh

Pike Competition 05/12/10 Winner: Pat Dunworth (Draw)

Runner-up Martin Keogh (Draw)

Anvil Bar Perpetual Shield 26/09/10 Winner Troy Francis 1lb 6.5 ozs (637g)

Runner-up Tommy Winters 1lb 4.2 ozs (573g)

Guinness ‘All Methods’ 29/08/2010 Winner Martin Keogh 2lb 1.3ozs (943g)

Runner-up Martin Reynolds 1lb 13ozs (821g)

Eddie Gordon Trophy 06/08/2010 Winner Trevor Winder 1lb 3.2ozs (544g)

Runner-up Tony Daly 12.3ozs (348g)

The ‘Local’ Trophy 9/07/2010 Winner Fintan Smith 12.3 ozs; (348g)

Runner-up Joe Winder 10.7 ozs; (303g)

Sonny Cowley Shield 25/06/2010 Winner Trevor Winder 1lb5.6ozs; (613g)

Runner up Ollie Keogh 12.9 ozs; (352g)

Mick Murphy Shield 11/6/10 Winner Des Tyrrell 1lb 1.1 ozs (479g)

Runner-up Trevor Winder 13.3ozs (379g)

Committee Cup 21/5/10 Winner Ollie Keogh 13.8ozs; (390g)

Runner-up Joe Winder 13.7; (388g)

Tony McKnight Trophy 9/5/10 Winner Michael Mc Caffrey 1lb 3.6ozs;  (556g)

Runner-up Trevor Winder 12.2ozs;(347g)

Punchestown Festival 18/04/10 Winner: Gay Doody 13.8 ozs; (392g)

Runner up Martin Keogh; 9.5 ozs; (270g)

J & K Murray Cup 11/04/10 Winner: Martin Keogh 1lb 1.7 ozs; (503g)

Runner up Joe Winder 9.3 ozs; (265g)

Jimmy Evans Cup 21/03/10 Winner: Tom Nugent 10.8 ozs; (306g)

Runner up Fergus Byrne 10.4ozs; (295g)

Angler of the Year 2009: Trevor Winder

Heaviest Trout of the Year 2009: Michael Mooney

Junior Heaviest Trout of the Year 2009: Barry Winder

Pike Competition 06/12/09 Winner: Mick Francis 14lb

Runner-up Sean Goulding  11.5lb

Anvil Bar Perpetual Shield 27/09/09 Winner Martin Keogh 2lb 7.6 ozs (1124g)

Runner-up Mick Francis 1lb 10.3 ozs (745g)

Guinness Trophy(All Methods) 30/08/09 Winner Pat Dunworth 1lb 12.6 ozs 812g

Runner-up Martin Keogh 1lb 12.4 ozs (806g)

Eddie Gordon Trophy 07/08/2009 Winner Mick Mooney 3lb 2.2 ozs (1420g)

Runner-up Trevor Winder 2lb 2.8 ozs (987g)

The ‘Local’ Trophy 10/07/2009 Winner Trevor Winder 15.6ozs; (443g)

Runner-up Richie Stenson 12.8 ozs; (362g)

Sonny Cowley Shield 19/06/2009 Winner Pat Dunworth 15.6ozs; (442g)

Runner up Niall Brosnan 12.2 ozs; (347g)

Mick Murphy Shield 05/06/2009 Winner Fergus Byrne 12.3 ozs; (350g)

Runner up Brian Rigney  11.7 ozs (332g)

Junior Winner Simon Ellis 5.5 ozs (155g)

Committee Cup 22/5/09 Winner Trevor Winder 1lb 6ozs; (623g)

Runner-up Billy O’Brien 1lb 4.9ozs; (592g)

Junior Winner Barry Winder 9 ozs; (256g)

Tony McKnight Trophy 10/5/09 Winner Trevor Winder 1lb 7.9ozs;  (677g)

Runner-up Gay Doody 8.2ozs;(233g)
Punchestown Festival 26/04/09 Winner: Gay Doody 13ozs; (371g)

Runner up Billy O’Brien; 11.6 ozs; (328g)

J & K Murray Cup 05/04/09 Winner: Billy O’Brien 1lb 2.8 ozs; (532g)

Runner up Joe Winder 11.7 ozs; (331g)

Jimmy Evans Cup 15/03/09 Winner: Billy O’Brien 9.8 ozs; (279g)

Runner up Trevor Winder 9.7ozs; (275g)

Angler of the Year 2008: Martin Keogh

Heaviest Trout of the Year 2008: Michael Mooney

Junior Angler of the Year 2008: Troy Francis

Junior Heaviest Trout of the Year: Patrick Langan

Pike Competition 07/12/08 Winner: Fran Byrne19lb

Runner-up Martin Reynolds  10lb

Anvil Bar Shield 28/9/08 Winner: Michael Mooney  3lbs 11.2 ozs; (1680g)

Runner-up Michael Francis 1lb 6.8ozs; (646g) 

Guinness Trophy 31/8/08 Winner:  Michael McCaffrey 2lbs 3.9 ozs; (1018g)

Runner-up Tom Nugent 1lb 6.3ozs; (631g)

Eddie Gordon Trophy 8/8/08 Winner Joe Winder 13.4 ozs; (380g)

Runner-up Martin Keogh 13.1ozs; (371g)

Junior Winner Christy Walsh 7.2 ozs; (204g)

The ‘Local’ Trophy 11/7/08 Winner PeterMcGlynn 1lb 5.1ozs; (598g)

Runner-up Liam Stenson 1lb 3.2 ozs; (544g)

Junior Winner Troy Francis 5.8 ozs;(165g)

Sonny Cowley Shield 20/06/08 Winner Ollie Keogh 12.9 ozs; (366g)

Runner-up Sean Goulding 12.0 ozs; (339g)

Junior Winner Troy Francis 11ozs; (312g)

Mick Murphy Shield 6/6/08 Winner Des Tyrrell 1lb 8 ozs; (681g)

Runner-up Martin Keogh 1lb 1.5 ozs; (497g)

Junior Winner Troy Francis 8.2 ozs;(233g) Runner-up Eoin Lyons 7.7 ozs; (216g)

Committee Cup 23/5/08 Winner Gary Bolger 15.1 ozs; (427g)

Runner-up Martin Keogh 12.1ozs; (344g)

Junior Winner Simon Ellis 7.3ozs; (206g) Runner-up Eoin Lyons 5.5 ozs; (155g)

Tony McKnight Trophy 11/5/08 Winner Mick Francis 2 lb 1.3 ozs; (944g)

Runner-up Tommy Winters 1lb 11.6ozs; (782g)

Junior Winner Troy Francis 1lb 1.7 ozs (503g)

Punchestown Festival 20/4/08 Winner Sean Goulding 1lb 5.9 ozs; (620g)

Runner-up Trevor Winder 1lb 1oz (457g)

Junior Winner Patrick Langan 1lb 2.7 ozs; (531g)

J & K Murray Cup 6/4/08 Winner Liam Cox 7.7 ozs (217g)

Runner-up Peter McGlynn 5.9ozs; (167g)

Jimmy Evans Cup 16/3/08 Winner Martin Keogh 1lb 6.1ozs (627g)

Runner-up Sean Goulding 1lb 1.4ozs; (493)