Military Police Company DFTC  



Military Police Company DFTC (MP Coy DFTC) 

Unit History
The role of the Military Police began during the period  before the outbreak of civil war in 1922 , when barracks were being taken over from the British Forces.  Suitable members of the Defence Forces were enrolled as Military Policemen, (20) in Dublin and (30) in the Curragh Camp. Their duties consisted mainly of town patrols and special escort duties (still being performed today).
The Military Police Corps proper  was established in 1923. In 1931 the Military Police Corps was changed, by regulation, to an administrative service and was then called the Military Police Service. The strength and organisation of the Military Police Corps varied over the years with general Defence Force re-organisation.
The Military Police were responsible for the internment of nationals and non-nationals during the war. Two internment camps were built in the Curragh Camp, one for members of the Irish Republican Army and the other for the detention of allied and axis airmen who landed in Éire. Due to Éire’s declaration of neutrality these airmen were considered prisoners of war and would be detained in order to prevent them from rejoining the war effort.
In 1974 the Depot Military Police Corps & Military Police School was relocated to its present home, Alexandra House in the Curragh Camp. The Military Detention Barracks (or the “glasshouse” as it was known because of its distinctive glass roof” was a purpose built prison constructed in 1863. It operated as a detention barracks for Military detainees for nearly 130 years and in 1972 was used to detain political prisoners.
The two Military Police units in the Curragh Command, the Depot & School Military Police Corps and Military Detention Barracks, were disbanded in October 1998.  The Military Police Company, DFTC was established on the 01 November 1998, which incorporated the former Military Detention Barracks (which has been taken over by the Department of Justice and used as a civilian prison) and the Military Police School. 


Unit Insignia

Previous to 1978, no unit insignia existed for the Depot Military Police Corp (now Military Police Company, Defence Forces Training Centre). A competition was held for the design of a new unit insignia and the submission of Cpl Martin Horgan (retired) of the Detention Barracks was selected. This simple design is based on the DFTC insignia, displaying the acorns with the MP denoting the initials for Military Police.





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