Military Police Company DFTC  



Military Police Platoon

Unit Roles
the Military Police are the law enforcement agency within the Defence Forces.  Military Police Company, DFTC is responsible for this enforcement within the area of the DFTC which encompasses the Curragh Camp and the Glen of Imaal training areas completing such tasks as investigation of all incidents and traffic accidents. They also liaise closely with an Garda Síochana.

The MP Company is sub divided into three sections:
Company Headquarters
Military Police Platoon
Investigation Section

The Role of the Military Police Platoon

  • Information Centre & 24 hr duty room consisting of a mobile patrol

  • Speed & documentation checks of military vehicles. 

  • Access control at entry points to the Curragh Camp.

  • Barrack and installation security via mobile and foot patrol.

  • Investigation of all traffic accidents. 

  • Initial crime investigation. 

  • Preservation of crime scene until examination is complete. 

  • Traffic control and car parking.

  • Ceremonial duties (i.e. funerals, international courses & events). 

  • Escort of visiting VIPs and dignitaries. Motorcyclists.  




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