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Leinster Leader 25 October 1924

Burgesses of Athy

We give a list of tenancies of Burgesses of Athy on the dates they were elected. If any reader remembers those names we will be glad to make his acquaintance: – Sir Kildare Dixon Burrowes, Bart (1754); Arthur Pomeroy, Esq. (1760); Jas. Spencer (1760); William Burgh, Esq. (1760); Peter Bere (1761); George Daker (1768); the Rev. Dive Downes (1769); George Chapman (1775); the Rev. Anthony Weldon (1778); B. Southwell (1780). The first Sovereign of Athy, was an Earl of Kildare, and the last was the Rev. Fredk. S. Trench, of Kilmaroney.

Note: Burgess was a British title used in the medieval and early modern period to designate someone of the burgher (social) class from which municipality officials could be drawn.

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