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Funeral arrangements for Lt. J.H. Wogan Browne 14 February 1922

Orders by Colonel Commandant W.B.R. Sandys C.B., C.M.G.
Commanding 5th Divisional Artillery
Curragh Camp. 12th Feb. 1922
1. The following will be the arrangements for the funeral of the late Lieut. J.H. Wogan Browne, 48th Battery 36th Brigade R.F.A., on Tuesday 14th February.
2. The funeral will be divided into 4 parts: –
(a) Procession from Station Hospital, the Curragh, to R.C. Church, the Curragh
(b) Requiem Mass at the Curragh
(c) Conveyance of the body, the personnel attending the funeral by motor transport from the Church to the Gates of the Depot Barracks, Naas
(d) Procession from Gate of the Depot Barracks to the Cemetery at Naas

3. The procession in 2(a) will leave the Station Hospital at 09.15 hours.
The Gun Carriage, Pall Bearers, Firing Party, Trumpeters and following party will be found by 48th Battery, R.F.A.
The A.A.G., 5th Division is arranging for the Band
4. The Requiem Mass will be at 09.30 hours
5. As soon as this is over 2(c) will be carried out.
The A.A.G. is arranging for a crossley Car for the conveyance of the body. O.C. troops Kildare and Newbridge will inform R.A. Office by 1000 hours 13th, the total numbers requiring conveyance, when arrangements will be made for M.T. for the purpose
6. The procession as in 2(d) will leave the Depot Barrack Gate at 11.20 hours and will be formed as in para 3. 18th Battery R.F.A. will find the same detail as in paragraph 3.
The A.A.G. is arranging for the Band
The arrival at the Cemetery is timed for 12 midday
7. When the procession is well started the motor transport will move to the Cemetery in readiness to convey personnel back to the Curragh, Newbridge and Kildare
8. Officers will wear a mourning band of 3 1/2 inches

Officers at Newbridge and Kildare will wear medals.

T.K. Massy
Major R.A.
Brigade Major, R.A., 5th Division

The funeral arrangements for Lt. John Wogan Browne on 14 February 1922, courtesy of Paddy Behan. Our thanks to Paddy.

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