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Leinster Leader 4 May 1929


We regret to announce the death of the Baron de Robeck, late of Gowran Grange, Naas, which took place following an operation in a Dublin Nursing Home on Saturday night. Deceased whose family name was Foch, was of Swedish descent, and was the fifth successor to the title which was originally conferred about five generations back.  He was pre-deceased by his brother, the late Admiral de Robeck, who played a distinguished role in the naval conduct of the Great War, ranking with historic figures like Beatty and Jellicoe.  His father, the fourth Baron, at one time stood as Conservative candidate for the County Kildare.

Though his health had been failing for some time past few were prepared to hear of the late Baron’s demise and the sad news on Saturday evoked deep and widespread regret, more especially in and around Naas where he was beloved by both rich and poor.  A keen sportsman and enthusiastic follower of the hunt his genial presence at the various meets was always a source of pleasure, a fact which was clearly demonstrated  by the large attendance of hunting folk at the funeral on Tuesday.  Indeed deceased was extremely popular with all sections of the community and when he elected to be a candidate for the Kildare Co. Council at the last Local Government elections he was returned at the head of the poll for his electoral area.  He was an esteemed figure at our public boards and his advice and judgment in administrative affairs were always eagerly sought after. Despite his declining health he continued to attend regularly the meetings of the Kildare County Council.

In private life deceased was well-known for his charity to the poor.  He was an indulgent landlord and his loss will be keenly felt by his tenantry [sic] whose interest and welfare he had ever at heart.  He is succeeded to the title by his son, Capt. John de Robeck, Royal Artillery, who becomes the sixth Baron.  To him and to the other members of his distinguished family the deepest sympathy of all is extended in their great bereavement.

The remains were conveyed by motor hearse from Dublin on Tuesday morning to Maudlins Cemetery Naas, where the interment took place.  Rev. Chancellor Clover, B.D., conducted the burial service.

The chief mourners were Captain John de Robeck, Capt. Bernard de Robeck (sons), Miss Muriel de Robeck and Mrs. Waller (daughters); Mr. Charles de Robeck (brother); Miss de Robeck, Naas (sister); Mrs. Charles de Robeck (sister-in-law); Mr. P. de Robeck (nephew), and Miss Joan de Robeck (niece).

The attendance included:- Lieut. Col. T. J. de Burgh, Capt. De Burgh, Lieut Col. Harrison,  Mr. and Mrs. D. Moore O’Ferrall, Mr. W.H. Verschoyle,  Major J.W. Alymer, Capt. A.B.W. Higginson, Mr. and Mrs. E. Kenned, Bishopscourt;  Sir Francis Brooke, M.F.H.;  Sir F. Walsh, Lady McCalmont,  Mr. Noble Johnson, Major W.G. Dease, Mr. H.H. Tyacke, Mr. G. Leyceater-Penrhyn, Capt. C.M. Harding, Capt. Fowler, M.F.H., Meath;  Mr. Algernon Aylmer, Major Mainguy, D.S.O., Major E.M. Connolly, Mr. J.W. O’ Kelly, Mrs. F.B. Barton, Mr. G. Wolfe, T.D., Mr. W. R. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Synnot, Mr. George Shackleton, Mr. John Shackleton, Capt. and Mrs. Tuthill, Mrs. Sansum Sweeting, Mr. J. W. Eustace, Lieut. Col. Mansfield, Archdeacon Peacocke, Capt. Eustace Mansfield, Mrs. Oswald Croshaw, Mr. H. Beasley, Col. Scott Moore, Mr. Jas. Sweetman, Mr. A. Kinnehan,  General Fanshawe, Mr. J.W. Doyce,  Major General Lecky,  Mr. D. O’Mahony, T.D.; Lieut-Col. the Rev. Father Stafford, D.S.O.;  Miss Morris, Mr. Francis Colgan, Mr. W. Harrington, Major Mitchell, M.F.H., Mr. and Miss Murphy, Osberstown, Lieut-Col Blacker, D.S.O., Mr. W. E.Grogan,  Mr. E.S. Hornidge, Dr. O.D. Browne, Dr. Geraty, Miss Tuttle, Captain A. Reeves, Mr. C. Odlum, Dr. Morrissey, Mr. J.W. Osborne, Mr. P. Noone, Mr. M. Fitzsimons, Chairman County Council, Mr. Henry Dillon, Mr. W. E. Coffey, Secretary County Council, Mr. J. Rorke, Co. Surveyor; Mr. J.J. Devlin, Mr. M.J.J. Whelan, Capt. And Mrs. Magee, Mr. P. Field, Mr. B. White, Mr. M. Gogarty, Mr. S.J.Brown, Solr;  Mr. J.H. Burton, Miss Higginson, Capt. O’ Kelly, Mr. R.J. Mills, Mr. A.K. Sargent, Mr. L. Ball, Senator J. O’Connor, Miss M. Brown, Mr. Jas Conway (snr), Mr. M. Conway, V.S., Mr. F. Conway, Mr. J. Conway (jnr), Mr. D. Conway, Mr. T. Wade, Mr. C. W. Pratt, Mr. E.C. Fitzpatrick, Mr. W.E. Martin, Mr. T.R. Gibson; Mr. John Byrne, Grangecon; Mr. Anthony J. Metcalfe, Mr. D. Corcoran, Mr. R.P. Lowe, Mr. Jos Gorry, Mr. P. Berney, Mr. J. Boyle, Town Clerk, Mr. T. Whelan, U.D.C., Mr. S.R. Barker, Mr. R.H. Hall, Town Surveyor, Mr. A. Gray (Kildare Observer), Mr. J.J. Cooney (Leinster Leader), Mr. Thos. Hanns, Mr. E. Chanler, Mr. Joe Gorry, Mr. John Jones, Mr. P. Fitzgerald, Mr. P. Purcell, Mr. Joe Headon, Mr. T. Flanagan, Mr. E. Timmins,  Mr. E.A. Coonan, Mr. F. Broe, Mr. John Nolan, Mr. P. Kelly, Mr. J. Jones, Mr. John Tyrrell, Mr. J.E. Kennedy, Mr. B. King, Mr. C. Rowell, Mr. P. Valentine, Mr. J. Hyland, Mr. J. Doyle, Mr. J. Doyle, U.D.C., etc., etc.,

Wreaths were sent from the following:- Miss de Robeck, Charles and Louisa de Robeck, “From C. Kelly,” “From E. Mills,” “From J. Morris, in loving remembrance,”  “In loving memory from his employees,” From Captain and Mrs. Hardy,” “From  Doris,” “From Lady McCalmont,” “From Major Tuthill,” “From M. and H. Sweetman, “From General Leeky, in fond memory of an old comrade,” “From Lieut. Col., Mrs. And Miss Harrison, with heartfelt regret,” “From A.G. Scott, S. Moore and R. More, in remembrance,” “From Nancy, Dom., Roderick and Rory More O’Ferrall, in very affectionate remembrance,”  “From Eva and Vic,”  “From Mrs. Synnott,”  “From Major and Mrs. Aylmer.”


At a meeting of the committee of above held on Sunday, Mr. P. Gray (Chairman) presiding, the following resolution proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Mr. P. Kelly was passed in silence, all members standing as a mark of respect:- “That we, the members of the Naas Branch of the British Legion, have learned with regret of the death of our beloved President, Baron de Robeck, and we beg to tender to his relatives our deep sympathy in their great bereavement.”



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