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Kildare County Archive

Archives are records of intrinsic value, stored for all time because of the unique information they contain. They are the raw material of history from which we can study and understand the development of past organisations, communities, and individuals. Archival material can include manuscripts, maps, drawings, plans, letters, registers, diaries, and all correspondence, as well as photographs, tape recordings, film, video, microfilm, and electronic records.

The Kildare County Archives holds the records of local government, along with some private papers and manuscript material relating to County Kildare. Please note that some collections, or parts of collections are not available to researchers as they have not yet been catalogued or require conservation. Kildare County Council provides access to these archives in keeping with archival best practice and existing legislation governing access.

What does a county archivist do?

  • We ensure that, through our work, that the records of today are preserved for future generations. The records can then be used to show the life, ideas, and decisions of the original creators, linking the past, present and future.
  • We appraise records with the help of those who originally received, created, or/and used them.
  • We arrange and describe these selected records to allow efficient and effective access and retrieval.
  • We preserve records and apply basic conservation techniques to those which are damaged or deteriorating.
  • We provide expert advice on the care and management of specialized media, for example, electronic records.
  • We facilitate the work of a variety of researchers with diverse topics of inquiry.
  • We meet legal obligations in areas such as copyright, patent protection, data protection and Freedom of Information.
  • We encourage public awareness of the cultural significance of archives through various outreach activities.

  1. Karel Kiely
    County Archivist, Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives, Kildare Library Service

    Please contact the archivist at archives@kildarecoco.ie
    Website: Kildare County Archive