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County Kildare History and Heritage

Historical Sites of County Kildare


Fr Moore's Well
Fr. Moore’s Well is one of the best known holy wells in Co. Kildare and has enjoyed a huge attendance of pilgrims for over the past hundred years. The patron of the holy site, Fr. John Moore, was born in 1799 in Rathbride. He was ordained in Maynooth and appointed as curate to Allen in 1803.

St Bridget's Well
Reputedly this well is regarded as a 'healing well', one of many in Ireland. The well is still a popular place of pilgrimage where healing liturgies are often held. St Bridget's well is situated where the location of her double monastery once stood in Kildare.

Kilcullen Round Tower
The Round Tower at Old Kilcullen is about 10m high and it has a round-headed doorway. This is less than 2m above ground level and about 1.7m high.

The Wonderful Barn
The Wonderful Barn was built by the widow of Speaker Conolly, Laura Catherine Connolly, in 1743. Primarily, it was built in order to provide employment for the poor.

Taghadoe Round Tower
One of Maynooths oldest surviving monuments, Taghadoe Round Tower dates back to the 6th Century.

Oughterard Round Tower and Cemetery
The site is a National Monument; it includes a castle dating from 1636 and church from circa 1189.

Punchestown Standing Stone
Punchestown Standing Stone is the largest of eight longstones in Co. Kildare. Made of granite it is nineteen and a half feet above ground and eleven feet in circumference.