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Carrie Haskins Carrie Haskins Athy
Jack L Jack Lukeman Athy  
James Hall Flack James Hall Flack Athy    
John Forkin John Forkin Athy 059 86 34409
John MacKenna John MacKenna Athy  
Kill Musical Society Mairead O Flynn Athy    
Robert Redmond Robert Redmond Athy 059 86 31058  
Gerry Pollard Gerry Pollard Ballymore Eustace 045 865366  
Nora Duggan Nora Duggan Carbury 087 2248194    
Niamh Hynan Niamh Hynan Carbury, 0405 51122  
Celbridge Camera Club Turlough O'Reilly Celbridge  
Celbridge Youth Drama   Celbridge    
Damien Rice Damien Rice Celbridge
Nina Patterson NINA PATTERSON Celbridge 01 - 6270951
Clane Musical Society Marian O'Keeffe Clane    
Janet Healy Janet Healy Clane  
Maurice Quillinan Maurice Quillinan Colbinstown 045 485342  
Simply Art   Curragh
Eamon Keenan Eamon Keenan Kilcock 045 434694
Kilcock Drama and Musical Society Marie Murphy Kilcock 01 6287828
Sort:  A to Z Towns Emails Websites
Record:  1 - 20 of 66

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